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Are you looking for a book that has the precisely perfect combination of snarky, sweet, and just a tad paranormal? If you are, or if you’re just looking for some phenomenal YA, then Auracle is the book to pick up.Anna’s strange power to pull herself out of her body and travel anywhere she wants would seem impossible, but she accepts it and loves it. Rei Ellis, here best friend, accepts it to, but doesn’t necessarily love it that much. With good reason too, because she uses just that power one night and finds herself locked out of her body when evil high school classmate Taylor meets her untimely death, but instead of going into the bright white light, she goes straight into Anna’s body.

Hilarity ensues. Along with a good amount of snark, mean girl-ness, and some seriously sweet Rei and astral projection/sorta-not-really-there Anna. The funny seems strange because a girl did really die and a good guy is really on the run because of it, but Taylor is so genuinely horrible that it makes it a little easier to laugh throughout the book. Taylor and Anna square off more than once, leading to some great scenes.The story unfolds quickly, with a good mix of humor, serious scenes, and the blossoms of romance. Anna is undeniably easy to relate to. She comes off as real and has a great sense of humor. The story, the characters, and the dialogue are fresh and exciting, making Auracle both incredibly fun to read and impossible to put down.