Gaining knowledge as you grow is the key to living a life that has the adroitness to tackle challenges and to learn how machines work. Any piece of information that contributes to the professional or personal growth can be considered imperative in forming a whole beautiful art out of your life. But you shouldn’t forget to learn about yourself in the pursuit of understanding others and the world around you. Only by knowing and loving yourself can you reflect your ideals and propagate the good ones to society.

Must Reads

If you want to become a strong person who overcomes all struggles in life, there is no better way than treating yourself like a specimen beneath the microscope. Reading is the best fertilizer to that growing sapling of knowledge within you; so, keep adding more books to your list and enrich yourself as you imbibe more meaning from each content. Here are a few books that can help you improve your self-knowledge.

1. HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself

This is one of those books that act as a guiding light to many, and that happens for a reason. Since it has ten different perspectives on achieving a goal, people of different demeanours and dispositions get to have a broader view of what they were looking for. A piece on self-awareness by Peter Drucker is considered to be the best one among the ten and the favorite of many readers. The article by Clayton M. Christensen, ‘How Will You Measure Your Life?’, is another great offering in the book. Nothing about this book can possibly let you down as it contains excellent pieces that can shed light on important aspects of life to refine your vision, mission, and career aspirations.

2. Emotional Intelligence

This book by Daniel Goleman is a perfect guide on how you must take EQ as a more relevant topic than it is today. According to Daniel, it is not the IQ but the EQ of a person that determines his/her success. He is quite an expert in matters relating to emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is not about controlling other people’s emotions; one can surely influence others, but it can only be done when you have control over your emotions. Identifying your inner-self and appreciating for every feat is a great way to start the journey. You will only get better by perusing this book.

3. Ego Is the Enemy


Ryan Holiday, with his impressive career, has made a mark in the field of talents. No bragging goes on in his life; it is only his works that the world cares about, and that keeps him grounded. Every reader has given great reviews of this book, and the epitome of an egoless human didn’t have to be created for reference. Since Ryan has a modest persona, people love reading the book with the mirrored ideas and thoughts on the pages. Ego surely is a nemesis that can crush you into smithereens; so, you need to learn how to manage it the right way, and Ego Is the Enemy is the perfect antidote for it.


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