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One of the most troublesome prospects faced by the readers is the task of finding the right book to read. Gone are the days when people used to look for reviews from avid readers, and it has changed over time. With the global internet communities increasing every day, finding a good book has become a less complex task. But many of you might still be confused on the criteria to narrow down to the best releases in your favorite genre. Here are a few effective ways to find good books to read.


1. Book Seer

If you are looking for the best book to try this month, seeking Book Seer’s advice is the best option. You can add your preferences and favorite genres to the filter to receive the best results. Authors can also be a factor of preference to add, but if you aren’t particular on that, the Book Seer will find the best ones for you.

2. Goodreads

This is the best platform for you to connect with millions of literature fans all across the globe. By signing up into Goodreads, you can access the forum to share ideas and opinions with others. You can also check for reviews and scores of every book to select the one that suits your taste.


3. Choose the Nobel Prize Winners

Try out the works of legends who have won Nobel Prizes in Literature, and you are sure to dive into their oeuvre subsequently. Books by Jean-Paul Sartre, Pearl S. Buck, Albert Camus, and many others are worth your time and money. You can find lists of such book using a simple Google search.

4. Best Books Lists

One of the best ways to find the right book for you is to look for the list of Top Books of All Time. You will come across plenty of names; start from the top if you like to experiment with the best on the list.

5. WhichBook

Combine all the factors that make for your favorite book on WhichBook, and search for the one that has the highest rating and positive reviews.

6. Best Sellers May Not Be for You

This tip may be shocking for many people since the tag of ‘Best Seller’ is says something. But that tag alone doesn’t mean you are in for a riveting read. Many of these at the top of the charts may have acquired that position with massive advertising or the author’s name. You cannot always trust what you see at the bookstores. If you want to try these best sellers, check for the review before buying them.

Penguin Classics

7. Penguin Classics

This is a logo you can always trust since the publishing house only releases books that are of the highest quality. You can create a bookshelf of excellence with the Penguin books alone. Also, if you are looking for more options from the Penguin Classics, the books you buy offer you a list of titles at the back page.


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