About Me

My name is Nikki I started Wicked Awesome Books without the knowing just how incredible and HUGE the blogging community is. I read. A lot. And most people around me don’t really understand that. Blogging is a way for me to share my love of books with other bibliophiles.I’ve been reading since before I began elementary school and the habit never went away. I figured why stop when I love discovering new worlds?

At any given moment, you can usually find me lounging about my house with one of my three cats or my dog. Maybe all four. On nights when the Red Sox aren’t playing, I’m usually curled up with a good book.In my spare time, I like to take long walks on the beach and – uh, wait, this isn’t the place for that. Let’s try that again: In my spare time I read, play with my camera (Canon, baby!), watch movies (the good ones, not the sucky ones), and listen to music.

My reading tastes vary from contemporary, to paranormal, to dystopian, to ‘what in the world is this?’ I read it all. And I love it all. My favorite series is Harry Potter, closely followed by The Hunger Games. My all-time favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird and I’m finding new favorites every single day.