Sunday, June 3, 2012

BEA 2012 BABY!!

It's Sunday and as you read this I'm on my way to NYC and BEA. I'm wicked excited!!

I also had every intention to post more this past week, but work and pre-BEA planning has really eaten into my reading time. In fact, I had planned on posting an IMM today, but because I'm the world's biggest procrastinator, I put off packing - no, I put off even buying a bag to use to pack - until late Saturday.

This post was typed up at 3:30AM on Sunday...because I suck at planning ahead and I'm a total night owl and don't sleep.

So, yeah. BEA. Driving. Probably exhausted.

Peace, hugs, and bookish love <3


YA Book Queen said...

Have fun! :)

Taschima Cullen said...

Aaahh! Can't wait to see ya Nicki!! :D

GinaRosati said...

I wish you and Danielle an awesome time at BEA!! It was great to meet you both last night at the Brookline Booksmith!

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