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Book Review: The Marked Son by Shea Berkley

Title: The Marked Son (Keepers of Life, #1)
Author: Shea Berkley
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Paperback, 322 pages
Date Published: August 2, 2011
Source: Publisher
Description (Taken from Goodreads):Seventeen-year-old Dylan Kennedy always knew something was different about him, but until his mother abandoned him in the middle of Oregon with grandparents he's never met, he had no idea what.

When Dylan sees a girl in white in the woods behind his grandparents' farm, he knows he's seen her his dreams. He's felt her fear. Heard her insistence that only he can save her world from an evil lord who uses magic and fear to feed his greed for power.

Unable to shake the unearthly pull to Kera, Dylan takes her hand. Either he's completely insane or he's about to have the adventure of his life, because where they're going is full of creatures he's only read about in horror stories. Worse, the human blood in his veins has Dylan marked for death...
The Marked Son is a story that instantly takes ahold of the reader because the main character, Dylan, is just so enigmatic and alluring. His 17 years have been rough – with a mom that’s constantly chasing the next fling – and he’s as jaded as they come, but there’s just something about him that will pull readers in. Maybe it’s his unconcealed anger towards his mom or his ease in giving up, but I wanted things to work out for him from the beginning.

Shea Berkley captures teen angst perfectly, then flips it upside down, throws in some serious abandonment issues, and adds a healthy dose of fantasy to the mix. The tidbits about Dylan’s past and minute details hint at what’s really happening, as do the chapters from an alternate, female POV, but the big reveal is something else.

The mix of contemporary with fantasy is done flawlessly and seemingly effortlessly. The story progresses from a simple, angsty teen story, to so much more. Dylan’s dreams and the foreshadowing escalate the tension and suspense, until the readers get that BANG moment along with Dylan. And once it happens, things go from uncomplicated to insane. And I loved it.

The Marked Son is a captivating contemporary that turns into a surprising and unique fantasy. Dylan will find his way into the hearts of readers, as will his grandparents, the mysterious girl Kera, and the new friends Dylan makes along the way. If you’re a fan of contemporary and fantasy, and love a mix of the two, The Marked Son is the perfect book for you.

Opening line: I was eight the first time I saw the girl. ~ pg. 1

Favorite lines/passages:
Everything looks and feels normal. At least as normal as a guy in the forest meeting a girl wearing an old-fashioned nightgown while his buddy lies passed out nearby can feel normal. I’m sure situations like this have happened to tons of people. . . on drugs. ~ pg. 132
*This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it.

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roro said...

i <3 this book
i ao want book2 hope it comes soon
book2 cover is pretty

Candace said...

Male narrator, fantasy/contemporary and 4 stars? I WANT! Entangled has had some great books come out and I've been loving their covers! I'm definitely wanting to read this one now!

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