Thursday, November 10, 2011

Think About It Thursdays (20): I Hate You Reading Slump + An Update

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 I've blogged about reading slumps/reading funks before and I'm unhappily letting you know that I'm in one right now. I don't want to bore you with the same old questions to ponder, regarding reading slumps, so here's something a little different:

Have you ever fallen into such a reading/blogging funk that you've considered quitting your blog?

I know that can be a pretty big deal to some people, but I'm kind of at a point in my life where blogging just isn't doing it for me. I can't pinpoint any exact reason, but when I started blogging, it was a hobby and it was fun. It's still a hobby, but it's become less and less fun for me. 

I don't know if it's just because I'm in a funk right now, or if, maybe, it's time for me to take a step back and reevaluate what I'm doing.

I started a new job back in July and I hated it.
It was stressful and crazy and I felt completely lost.

It is still stressful and crazy and I, on occasion, feel completely lost, but I've fallen into a routine there.

A routine that I'm really kind of enjoying. 
I work with some phenomenal people (some much more phenomenal than others) and my real life has pulled me far away from my online life - and blogging. 

I'm even at a point where I'm bummed out I'm not working this weekend - I found someone to cover for me so I could go to YALLFest - because I miss out on working my weekend with my favorite co-worker. 

Weird, right?

As a bookish person, I should be thrilled to be spending a weekend with bookish people.
And I am.

Just not as much as I should be.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever fallen out of love with books and blogging or just a beloved hobby in general?

Did you give it up or just take a break?

As of right now, I'm not sure what my blogging plans are for the future. I have some commitments that I need to stick around for, so I've got at least another month and a half, but after the holidays I plan on reevaluating the situation to decide what I should do. 

Any kind words are appreciated :)


Laura said...

I completely agree with you on reading slumps. We read so much that after a while our brains become so fried that we just cannot accept any more words in there.

I'm in a reading slump trying to pull myself out of it. I'm currently reading Cinder and loving it. But I'm reading it slowly.

Take a break, you need it!

Kiwi Ivashkov said...

Take a break!

Im on a slump too, reading and blogging. a) because I am soooper busy with school and other things! :/
b) because my interest in blogging and reading has hit pause.

I think the reason could be, sometimes when a hobby becomes a job. It kills the joy. For example continuous flow or ARC's are starting to kill blogging for me, with all the scheduling and so on.
Having dates and post content is dandy when your blog is dying, but it can get tiresome! So take a break from reading and blogging.
Take up a new hobby (the internet is addictive, so nothing there). And one day, you will randomly walk past a book, do a double take, walk back, feel an ache and it will all come back.
Its like this- You have to loose it to know what its really worth and what it means to you. A truthful paradox!

*hugs* :)

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I hope you figure things out! I think we all experience stuff like this at one point or another. For me, it was about 7 months ago when I started a new job and things got crazy with school. Hang in there!

Candace said...

I haven't ever considered quitting my blog but I also haven't ever worked a full time job (other then parenting) since I started it. I think that if you decide you need a break you should just write up a post that says your on a break and you're not sure if you'll be back or not. Then just wait a few months and see how you feel.
I hope you manage to pull yourself out of the funk cause I sure would miss you! But real life is more important and it's great that you're enjoying your job and your coworkers!

Britt said...

I would totally take a break and see how you feel. A few months ago I had to do that and I was seriously considering just stopping blogging. I got excited about it again though and missed al the hubbub. Take a break and if you come back you come back, if you don't well...stop in and say hi sometimes ;) Hope it gets better!

Lori said...

I haven't considered quitting, but I have thought about taking a set back very, very often. I post every day and I would really like to wean myself off of that. But I'm so OCD...I've been in a huge slump lately, but *fingers crossed* I might be getting out of it.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break. Even a big one. It might make you fall utterly in love again. And if you need to quit, there's nothing wrong with that also. We would miss you though!

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