Friday, September 9, 2011

Shatter Me Team Buttons!!

You see that book right up there? I love that book.


I LOVE that book.

So much so that there's this line in that book that I plan to someday get a tattoo of. Someday soon.

But aside from my wanting a tattoo, I've done a little something for the blogging world to share their love for that book.

Below are the team buttons that I made for Adam and Warner (FYI: No love triangle here, but trust me, it's impossible to not pick one of these guys). As you can tell, I'm a big, huge Warner fan, hence several buttons for him. He also has some great lines, so...

Feel free to snag the buttons for your blog, spread the word about them, and spread the Shatter Me love!

For all you Team Adam people out there:

And for people like me, Team Warner!!


Maya said...

Ooooh, definitely need to get my hands on this book then, this looks awesome!! I'm a sucker for tattoos... <3

Danielle said...


Candace said...

Great buttons! I have Shatter Me and hope to read it soon (I know, I should read it NOW) but have a few review books I need to have the reviews up for real soon. Then I'll read it and grab a button! They are awesome!

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Maya - November!! You MUST read it. And I'm a bit of a sucker for guys with tattoos as well. There's just something about them (as long as they're not everywhere) that is sexy.

Danielle - Yayz! I reread the book in one sitting and pulled the quotes.

Candace - Trust me, once you read it, you'll be very happy you did. I'm curious to see what you think of it too :) I'm very curious to see which button you pick later on. I'm all for Warner, but I do love Adam.

Bere said...

Oh my goodness, these are great, Nikki! You did an awesome job. Okay, I really want to read Shatter Me. I'm seriously getting this one as soon as it comes out =D.

We Fancy Books said...

Oh dear god, I'm sooo tempted to get that Team Warner button but... Adam is just asdlfk I can't explain it, I this book so bad! *le faints*

One question, is that Jamie Bower on the last button? *fans self*

Adriana said...

Thanks for the buttons I´m going to post them on my blog. I already pre-order it. I read until chapter 26 at #shattherday so I´m undecided which team.

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