Monday, September 5, 2011

Character Interview: Marcus from Earth Blend by Lori Pescatore

Lori Pescatore, author of the Blend series, was kind enough to accost her character Marcus and hammer him with some questions for the Earth Blend blog tour. Below is their humorous back and forth that, if nothing, will leave you laughing.
Hello, my name is Lori Pescatore and I am the author of Human Blend & the newly released Earth Blend. I have with me today one of the characters from the book, Marcus Samson.
Lori: Thanks for stopping by today, Marcus.
Marcus: My pleasure.
Lori: Can you tell us about yourself?
Marcus: I am an intern at the Smyth County Community Hospital. I am also a Blend with unique abilities, one of them being healing. I can heal sick patients by taking their illness into myself and then curing myself. I'm also tall, dark, and handsome, but most importantly, single.
The photo is one of many images you get when you google tall, dark, and handsome - I'm okay that kind of search :)
Lori: What is a Blend exactly?
Marcus: Part human, part... not.
Lori: What is the "not" part?
Marcus: Wouldn't you like to know?
Lori: I already know, but I want you to tell the readers.
Marcus: I'm not supposed to talk about it with people who are not like us.
Lori: You were the one who told Julie/Laney what she was. How did she handle the information?
Marcus: Like a typical girl, cried hysterically in my arms.
Lori: I don't remember that part in the book.
Marcus: It must have gotten edited out. Just like the part where she wanted to jump my bones was taken out too.
Lori: You have quite the imagination.
Marcus: I only speak what the readers wanted to read and you didn't write.
Lori: Very confident of yourself?
Marcus: Always
Lori: So would you consider Julie/Laney a love interest?
Marcus: More like a challenge, one I am totally up for.
Lori: What about Austin & Eli?
Marcus: Austin, he's just a kid and has his own problems he is dealing with. Eli, that man does not know how to have fun. She needs a guy like me that is all about the fun without all the drama.
Lori: I guess we will let Julie/Laney decide.
Marcus: May the best man win, and that, would be me.
Lori: Thanks for stopping by.
Marcus: Anytime. 
Thank you Lori and thank you Marcus! It's been a pleasure having you at the blog today and I hope to see you, Marcus, up to your same old antics in the future.

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Bere said...

Hehe, awesome character interview, Nikki. I have to admit that I've become intrigued by Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome. Seems like I need to check out Human Blend. Fabulous post, Nikki. Thank you. =)

DANIELA said...

Hi Lori
Great character interview!
Do you have one planend with Eli?

Natasha Areena said...

Ahahha, Best Best!! :D

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Bere - Who isn't intrigued by tall, dark, and handsome? I know I'm all for it ;)

Daniela - I don't have an interview planned with Eli, but if you check out the link to Lori's facebook page, she posts about the interviews and stuff she's doing on other blogs. I have a feeling someone will be doing an interview with Eli.

Natasha - Thanks for stopping by and checking out the interview!

Moonlight Gleam said...

LOL gotta love MArcus!!! Awesome interview!

DANIELA said...

Hi Nikki
Thanks for the advise...
Going over to Lori's FB page...

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