Monday, August 22, 2011

Lots O' Winners!

Lots of winners here!

Winner of the SIGNED copy of Open Wounds is...

Chrisbails, who said she, "I would love to have lived through the 60's. the music was great, free love, and many things happened back then."

Winner of Dangerous Designs e-book is...< Tore, who said, "I would open a portal to where you can time travel to different periods of time."

Winners of Eden are...

Maryann Nixon from Words on the shelf, who said, "Comfort and familiarity every time. I know as a kid everyone wants to be rich and famous and I mean I'm only 16 now, but even so for years I've hated the idea of being famous and would rather my little life, with my family who I love to pieces than with loads of money and flashy stuff."


Maureen, who said, "I think I would chose comfort and familiarity since I do not like change."

Winner of Beautiful Creatures & Beautiful Darkness is...

Tahleen from Tahleen's Mixed-Up Files

*Winners have been notified and have 48 hours to respond before alternate winner(s) are chosen


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