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Character Interview: Maddie from the Ganzfield Series by Kate Kaynak + Giveaway Info

Maddie Dunn is a rarity among the g-positives across the world; she can read minds. With that comes many issues, but also many great things. She's funny and real and an all-around great person. Read on to learn a bit more about Maddie and the life she's been leading since she discovered she was a g-positive.
Since coming to Ganzfield, do you miss anything about good ol’ New Jersey? Maybe the smell or something…anything?
Ha! I gotta say, I miss Jersey pizza. The stuff in New Hampshire—what are they using for sauce, ketchup? But the rest of it, like the school where people cared more about fancy cars and expensive clothes, where drunk jocks terrorized—nope, don't miss much from Jersey. New Jersey's a great place to be from—FAR from.
As a NH native, I have to disagree about the pizza. It's good. I've never had NJ pizza, but I think I need to recommend some better NH pizza places because I've found more than a handful that are delish.
You don’t seem to get too much downtime, what with the chaos and death, but if you did, what would you do with your spare time? I can’t imagine you and the other Ganzfield kids heading off to the movies, but if you could, would you do something ‘normal’ like that?
Well, we do some normal stuff like watch TV, go online, and we play sports, although I guess Fireball's a little more dangerous than soccer and baseball. But it's probably less dangerous than rugby or Quidditch, though, so it's all relative. I'd like to do some traveling at some point—get out and see the world. New Hampshire's pretty and all, but there's only so much you can do with trees.
AGREED. And, Fireball sounds like a blast. You know, as long as a healer is around for those non-Sparks who may get injured on the sidelines.
Does the lack of privacy ever get to you? I mean, Seth’s range is huge and he can basically hear everything that goes on in your head, if you’re not blocking, right? Must be frustrating to not have your private thoughts remain private.
Ugh—I hate worrying about him listening in on my thoughts, and I'd really squig out if he eavesdropped on me in the shower or something. I can shield my thoughts from him, although sometimes I forget.
But never in the shower, because—ick.
To be fair to Seth, I can't imagine him even accidentally hearing you in the shower. He seems way too aware of everything to not allow something like that happen.
You have a peek into almost everyone’s thoughts, who is the most romantic guy (aside from Trevor) on the Ganzfield campus?
Romantic? Of course Trevor wins hands down. He had this dream where we were dancing under the stars… *sigh*
Most of the other guys, well, they're… teenage guys. What's in most of their heads is more NC-17 than romantic.
Ugh, some least Trevor's a keeper :)
What’s the funniest thing you’ve caught from someone else’s thoughts?
Well, Zack keeps quoting Star Wars in his head when he charms people. I mean, I know it's pretty Jedi Mind Trick of him to charm people and all, but it's hard to keep a straight face when "These aren't the droids you're looking for" is running through his head while he's giving orders to the guys who want to kill us. And Rachel's been RVing—that's remote viewing—celebrities recently. You wouldn't BELIEVE what the guy from that vampire show does when he's on vacation.
Haha, I can't blame Zack for quoting Star Wars. If it works, it works. And Rachel must have a blast RVing random celebrities.

How are you feeling about the future that’s to come? Nervous, a little excited, maybe?
Good question; I'm kinda wondering what I'm going to do with my life. I mean, what would YOU do if you could hear what was in everyone's heads… and could kill them if you didn't like what you heard? It's not like colleges let you major in telepathy.
Um, get some really great noise-cancelling headphones and hope it drowns out all the other voices in your head? That, or roll with it and hope for the best.
Now, to lighten the mood a bit, how about a story:
Once upon a time (fill in the rest, please)___________________
Once upon a time, a teenage telepath showed up at a strange boarding school in the middle of New Hampshire, where she met a wonderful guy who made her feel like she could fly… partially because when he used his telekinesis, she actually could.
Thanks for stopping by Maddie! It’s been a pleasure having you here for the day and I hope to see you staying out of trouble – for the most part, I do enjoy hearing about the trouble you get into – and staying safe. And the next time you see Trevor, tell him I said hello. And tell Zack, and Drew, and Seth, and Rachel, and your mom, and everyone else too.
Sure will. Thanks for asking me! Drew loves the name of your blog, by the way, and my mom's offered to make cookies if you get up to Ganzfield. Just don't let her get a hand on you if you want to keep your secrets.  
Woohoo! Drew obviously knows a good blog name when he sees it (or reads it). I'll be happy to have some of your mom's cookies, so hopefully I can swing an invite up to Ganzfield in the future. I've got some connections *cough* Maddie *cough* so I think it's possible.

*Huge, special thanks goes out to Kate Kaynak, the author of the Ganzfield series

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