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Book Review: Between the Lines by Tammara Webber (Indie Takeover)

Title: Between the Lines
Author: Tammara Webber
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publisher: Self-published
e-book, 274 pages
Date Published: May 19, 2011
Description (Taken from Goodreads):
When Hollywood It Boy, Reid Alexander, arrives on location to shoot his next movie, his goals are the same as always: film another blockbuster hit and enjoy his celebrity status to the fullest while doing so. His costar is a virtual unknown with whom he had blazing hot chemistry during her auditions. The universe is lining up nicely to grant whatever he wants, as usual, until he's confronted with unexpected obstacles on location like a bitter ex-girlfriend and a rival for the first girl to spark his genuine interest in years.

Emma Pierce just got her big break after more than a decade of filming commercials for grape juice, department stores and tampons, and more recently, bit parts in made-for-TV movies. Nailing the lead role in a wide-release film sent her agent, father and stepmother into raptures, and should have done the same for her. The Problem? Emma is experiencing a building desire to be normal, and starring in a silly, modernized adaptation of one of her favorite novels opposite the very hot Reid Alexander isn't going to advance that aspiration.

Graham Douglas doesn't fear playing the part of a nerdy dimwit; when it comes to choosing film roles, if it pays, he'll do it. Besides, his friend Brooke Cameron snatched up the role of the bitchy hot girl and could use his help as a buffer, because her ex is the star. Graham has no problem keeping a handle on the situation, until he finds himself attracted to Reid's costar, Emma, the girl Reid is pursuing full-throttle with his standard arsenal of charm, good looks and arrogance.
I don’t know much about Hollywood life, but I’d say Between the Lines captures the life of an upcoming, if not slightly naïve, young actress, and the partying lifestyle that she’s getting herself into. The lighthearted premise of Emma getting her first major acting job with the drop-dead gorgeous Reid Alexander is fun and lighthearted, but author Tammara Webber also delves into both characters and gives them depth.

Emma is a true sweetheart. She’s kind to everyone and a people-pleaser. But that makes her very naïve about the world she’s walking into and also unhappy about some of the personal matters in her life. Her relationship with her father is strained, at best, but her friendship with Emily, her best friend, and costar Graham are realistic and tender. I loved the few scenes between Emma and Emily and loved the Emma and Graham scenes even more.

Only half the book is from Emma’s POV though. The other half is from playboy Reid Alexander’s. If you ever want to get into the mind of an egocentric, selfish hottie, then Between the Lines is the way to do it. Reid’s haughty, conceited attitude is infuriating, but all the issues with his mom and dad give him this tortured boy aura. It seems like he’s better underneath it all, but someone has to peel back his many arrogant layers. Emma may just be the girl to do that.

The surrounding cast members of School Pride, a modern-day Pride and Prejudice retelling, are all fun in their own ways. Webber insures that each character mentioned isn’t done so in passing. They each hold their weight in both the movie and Emma and Reid’s life. Graham stands out the most, but Brooke is beyond intriguing and I couldn’t help but love Tadd and his understanding of Reid.

Between the Lines is a fast and fun read, but it also ventures into more serious topics for both Emma and Reid. Tammara Webber’s debut is the perfect summer book, with the right amount of humor, sexiness, and tender-hearted moments. Her take on young Hollywood feels authentic, but never graphic. I loved reading from Emma’s POV and often wanted to slap Reid or hug him. I didn’t see the ending coming, but hear there’s a sequel on the way, so I will certainly be reading on.

Opening line:
“You live with your parents?” ~ pg. 6

Favorite lines/passages:
For a brief time, when he began seeing Chloe, he was like that again – happy. He looked at me instead of through me. And then at some point he belonged to her, and even if he was still there in my life, it was like we’d come apart. I was outside of his embrace again, fighting in vain for a way back in that I never found. ~ pg. 143
And another one:
I try to be rational and suppress the hope that this is for real, but hope has a way of closing its eyes to reason and it just keeps growing. ~ pg. 238
*This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it.

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Sophia said...

Sounds like a really great book! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Candace said...

I saw another positive review for this one somewhere, it does sound really good! Like a great summer summer read :D

Bere said...

Oh my goodness this one sounds really cute. I don't know much about Hollywood life either but this one sounds just perfect. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, Nikki. Awesome review! =D

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