Friday, May 27, 2011

BEA 2011 Update

BEA 2011 is officially over, having concluded with the Book Blogger Convention today.

This was my first year going and I hope that it will not be my last. I came, I saw, I met tons of incredible people, and got so many awesome books. I'll try to do a more in-depth recap post in the coming days, but for now, here are some highlights:
*You'll notice a running theme of Michelle Hodkin-related happenings because I kept seeing her and I kind of adore her already

  • Three words - Harry Potter Exhibition. That says it all, but I also met some lovely bloggers there that became my BEA buddies for the rest of the week.
  • Teen Author Carnival was so, so fun! The library was hot, but the author panels were handled fantastically and I was lucky to get a swag bag. I fangirled David Levithan, chatted with Hannah Moskowitz, got to see and hug Michelle Zink after nearly two years of not seeing her, was in awe of Carrie Jones, Elizabeth Scott knew who I was, and I got a copy of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer AND Michelle Hodkin recognized me from my blog :) All in all, TAC was beyond words, awesome.
  • Amanda Havard (author of The Survivors) is one of my new favorite people. And not just because we shared some seriously yummy Italian food. 
Books of the day: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin & Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

Tuesday (BEA Day 1):
  • Was terrified on the floor by the mob of people going after YA books. Left to a more quiet area and hung out with the lovely ladies over at Candlewick.
  • Hung out with my new blogging buddies.
  • Got to meet the uber-adorable and talented Tahereh Mafi and take a picture with her :)
  • Brian Selznick signed my copy of Wonderstruck AND I took a picture with him!!
  • Ilsa J. Bick is so nice and sweet and funny! Danielle couldn't make it to her signing, so she wrote, 'Where the hell were you?' in her book. Perfect inscription.
  • Many YA books were out and about and I was able to find so many that I cannot wait to read.
Books of the day: The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon & The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater & Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

Wednesday (BEA Day 2):
  • The mad rush wasn't nearly as scary the second time around.
  • Jem is on the cover for Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare!
  • LAUREN OLIVER! I met her. She signed my books. We took a picture. It was amazeballs.
  • Michelle Hodkin was interviewed by Kristi from The Story Siren and we all heard a super secret excerpt from Mara #2.
  • Picture time with Michelle!
  • Crossed by Ally Condie! The line was huge, but I got myself a copy.
  • Julie Kagawa is awesome and so, so friendly.
  • James Dashner travels way too much. He recognized me and I told him I went to a signing in Burlington for The Scorch Trials and he had no clue he was there then. He thought he was promoting The 13th Reality
  • Spencer Hill Press is an indie pub house that people need to pay more attention to. I loved them all before, but you all NEED to love them now too. Kate Kaynak (author of the Ganzfield series) is one of the most generous people you could ever meet. Daniel Cohen (author of Master of the Veil) is not only a sweetheart, but a great hugger. Go meet him and hug him and read his book when it comes out. Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout has plenty of buzz, but everyone needs to make sure they get this one, if not for the story itself, then for the freaking gorgeous cover!
  • Dinner at Mars 2112 was hilarious. I'm talking dancing aliens in skin-tight suits hilarious.
Books of the day: Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver & All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin

Thursday (BEA Day 3):
  • Thought it was going to be a slow day, but I was so, so wrong. Many signings, chatting with publishers, authors, bloggers, and such.
  •  Maureen Johnson made me smile so much. She's sweet and funny, and loves her readers.
  • Lisa McMann is as extraordinary in person as you would imagine her to be. The Unwanteds looks, sounds, and is sure to be a phenomenal read.
  • Marianna Baer was so cute and nervous, but had a huge line. Everyone wanted to read Frost and I was one of them.
  • Finally took a picture of the Dork Diaries stairs and I love them.
  • Flux is astoundingly gracious and giving and I love them <3
  • Book Blogger Convention Reception - Not an open bar, but fun nonetheless. Met the Hilary Weisman Graham (author of the summer 2012 debut, Reunited), Joseph Lunievicz (author of Open Wounds), put faces to the names that I've worked with in the past, and even held a Twitter tutorial.
Books of the day: Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson & The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann & Frost by Marianna Baer & The Serpent's Coil by Christy Raedeke

Friday (BBC):
  • Woke up at the crack of dawn, ate some food, swag bagged it up, and listened to a very funny keynote speech from Sara from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.
  • Was riveted by a panel with some major publishers as they addressed the pub house/blogger relationship and answered many of the questions bloggers never have the chance to ask. The panel with the indie publishers and public relationships companies was equally as eye-opening. 
  • Bloggers make a difference. So says the indies, the PR companies, and the big publishers.
  • Author speed-dating was fun x1000! Be on the lookout for Hilary Weisman Graham come spring/summer 2012 because with all the ideas we bounced off of her, she will have the best promo stuff going on.
  • Awkward adult author sitting down, pitching her book to a table that tried to tell her we blog YA, and then going on to spoil the entire thing, was awkward.
  • Daniel Nayeri is hilarious. Straw House, Wood House, Brick House, Blow is going to be crazy awesome.
  • Elizabeth Scott is not only an incredible author and a kind woman, but she is humble and beyond sweet. Pictures had to be taken. She's Elizabeth Scott!
  • Violet Haberdasher (author of the Knightly Academy series) rivals Daniel Nayeri in the hilarious category. She's currently working on a YA book and I want it. Yesterday.
  • Michelle Hodkin! She's like everyone's best friend, talking about her dogs, her cats, signing the Mara books that were given away at BBC, and taking picture after picture. I haven't even read Mara yet, but I adore Michelle :)
  • Came back to the apartment to find an email from Maureen Johnson, thanking me for waiting in line to get her book. Thanking me!? Insanity. But insanity that makes me so happy.
Book of the day: Open Wounds by Joe Lunievicz


Emily a.k.a WilowRaven : ) said...

Great post Nikki! The most coherent thoughts I can muster at the moment are BEA=Awesomesauce...and none of those are technically words.
Hope I can my post up soon :)

I miss you already :)

Woo hoo!

Marce said...

Great post, i'm so jealous :-) Michelle Zink and Lisa Mcmann, yaaaaaaay, that is exciting.

Author speed dating, that is the coolest thing I have ever heard of, wow.

Great great time for you, thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

Nikki, you're post is amazing and I'm so glad you took a picture of the Dork Diary stairs because I wanted to and completely forgot! So I showed them to Lily just now!

It was completely crazy, but I loved every time we walked by each other you always took the time to say hello or give me a hug! You are just too sweet for words!

It was a totally crazy and nutsfilled week. I look forward to catching up with you at more of these things!

Candace said...

AWWWWW!!!! I'm so jealous! But I'm so happy and excited for you too! I'm dying for so many books people got at BEA, but I'm SUPER excited for Mara. I've heard Michelle is super amazing too and I just can't wait to get my hands on her book! I'm so glad you had an awesome time!

Lori said...

I'm speechless in the face of your amazing week. Speechless and jealous! ;) I'm so glad you had such an amazing time! And I agree that Michelle is very, very awesome! I got to hang with her a bit at a book festival last year, and I adore her too.

I'm so going next year! NOTHING will stop me! (Hopefully!)

Bere said...

Wonderful pictures, Nikki! I love the picture of the stairs. So cool! It sounds like you had tons of fun. I'm happy to hear you had an amazing week. Can't wait to hear all about the books you got there. How exciting! =D

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