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Author Interview: Sammie Spencer (Blog Tour)

I'm Sammie Spencer. I make people for you to love, and then I make horrible things happen to them. Mwahaha. To be fair, I make amazing things happen to them, too. You can find these people inside my first novel, Amaretto Flame, the first in the Eagleton Coven Series.

In addition to that, I spend a lot of time reading about the people that other authors make. I have two young children, and am currently raising my (very) young niece and nephew. It's fair to say that I spend a lot of time singing along to ridiculous kids' show theme songs and making macaroni crafts.

If I were a super hero, coffee would be my fuel. In fact, I'm pretty sure it has replaced the blood that runs through my veins. I drink it a lot. *twitches*
*Bio taken from Sammie's blog
How did you come up with the mythology surrounding the Wise Ones and Venators? Did you draw upon any other stories or myths or let your own ideas run wild?
I kind of let my own story ideas run wild with this one. Good vs evil and all that jazz. The mythology will come more into play in the second book, and was just hinted at in the first. Basically, I had these good, caring witches and needed the evil villains they fought and that's how the Venator were born.
Ahh, the epic battle of good vs. evil. You can't go wrong with that!

Is there significance behind using the terms ‘Wise Ones’ and ‘Venators’ for your good witches and bad witches?
With the Wise Ones, I tried to pull from real pagan religions. A lot of the Wise Ones' beliefs (like 'harm none' and how your energy comes back around to you) are all things that real pagans believe. I wanted that reality. The word 'venator' is Latin for 'hunter,' and the Venator are our bad witches, or witch hunters. That's how those terms ended up in the book.
Interesting...I don't know too much about pagan religions, so I like how it ties into the Wise Ones beliefs.
Do you listen to music when you write? Did you create a playlist to go along with Amaretto Flame?
I definitely do listen to music when I write. I didn't create a playlist to go along with it (maybe an idea, though). However, I listened to a lot of Evanescence, Stabbing Westward, and even super old stuff like the Goo Goo Dolls while I visualized different scenes.
Three bands I enjoy! It's been so long since I've listened to Goo Goo Dolls though, I think I'll have to soon.
Will we be seeing more of Olivia’s fellow coven members in any subsequent Eagleton Coven books?
Definitely. There will be 4 to 5 books in the series, and I'm hoping to have the second one out by late summer.
Yay! I can't wait to see how all the powers play out :)
What are some of your favorite Young Adult books? Do you have any favorite authors?
Absolutely - Hush Hush, Crescendo, The Vampire Academy Series, The Mortal Instruments and Infernal those books and the authors.
Cassie Clare rocks my world! The TMI series is addicting.
Now for the some quick, fun questions:
In scary movies, why do would-be victims always run upstairs?
Haha! Great question. I don't know - maybe it's the instinctual need to be physically higher than their some kind of jungle cat or something! I've also wondered why running victims always seem to get super-clumsy when they're being chased (they ALWAYS fall and struggle to get up), or why the getaway car NEVER starts!
Gahh, I hate when they fall down. I just want to scream at them, "Don't run up there, stop falling down!"
What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?
Oh boy. I've had a weird life, so it's hard to choose just one thing. Okay - I had a conversation with Jared Leto once! Ok, by conversation I mean I said one thing to him and he was like, "Yeah, that's true." lol He was playing in my hometown, opening for Bush, I think. The band had to get off stage a few songs early for one reason or another and he was super mad about that. He was sort of ranting and raving near his trailer and we happened by just then. Also got a hug! *sigh* All I can say is 'Jordan Catalano.'
One word: JEALOUS
And the most important question last: What is your favorite kind of cookie?
Ooooh. Chocolate Chip. The chewy kind! Put them in the microwave for about 20 seconds and they are oh. so. good!
I'm making this post right before breakfast and this sounds soooo good!

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Diana said...

Great interview! Your question about scary movies is amazing.

~The Book Pixie said...

I so totally agree about horror movie victims! You almost want them to get caught just for being so stupid. lol. I still need to read TMI books and VA series. Excellent interview! :D


Vivien said...

Excellent interview. I'm glad to know that this will be a series. Also, I love the insight about the Venators. The description is just creepy.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

ereader89 said...

Great interview! Woot for 4 to 5 more books! Your pick for favorite YA is nearly identical to mine, except I can't really narrow down my list. Is there any other way to eat a cookie! Those are the best, especially if you can get them right out of the oven, YUM!

elainareads AT aol DOT com

Jessica (BookLover) said...

Great interview! Now I'm craving chocolate chip cookies, though. lol.

Tore said...

I love reading different types of books. This series sounds very good. Please enter me in contest.

Jenny said...

Um. Totally and completely jealous of your Jared Leto experience! I like to think I would have been cool in a situation like that and would have said something really intelligent and awe-inspiring, but I'm pretty sure I would have just drooled and called him "Jordan". Awesome:)

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Diana & The Book Pixie - Scary movie murder victims get me so mad sometimes! It's good to know that I'm not alone there.

Vivien - I agree about the Venators and I'm looking forward to seeing them work some more of their evil magic in the rest of the series.

ereader - Doesn't Sammie have great taste?

Jessica - Whenever I ask that question it makes me crave whatever kind of cookie the author answers with. It's, without fail, the easiest way to make me hungry.

Tore - You should be all entered just by commenting. Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny - I am enormously jealous about Sammie's Jared Leto experience! I think anyone who isn't just doesn't understand the allure that the man possesses.

donnas said...

Great interview. The more I read about this the more I want to read it.

Thanks for sharing!

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Your Jared Leto experience totally beats mine! I only got to dance on stage this last summer haha Fab interview questions and answers :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I love what you did witch/magic mythology in this one. I'm tired of people who write books lacking balance between good and evil; you did fantastic!

Karla Vollkopf said...

What a young author! Great interview! I also dig horror movies. And... JARED LETO??? Jealousy. LOL

Lmbrunken said...

Excellent interview

Lmbrunken {AT} gmail {DOT} com

Sammie Spencer said...

I'm pretty sure Karla gets about 20 extra entries for calling me young. ;-) I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the book and commenting. Thanks!

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