Thursday, April 7, 2011

Think About It Thursday (14): Bookish Events

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Book bloggers seem to love book events/author signings, but does the average reader?

Prior to starting a book blog, I went to a total of one author signing. Just the lonely one. And it wasn’t even a regular author signing. It was Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn concert signing thingy with a theater full of people and the lead singer of Blue October with his acoustic guitar.

Since I’ve started the blog, I go to author signing as often as possible. It’s made me wonder if the majority of readers who go to signings are in some way connected to the reading world more than others. Are the people at the events bloggers? Librarians? Students who read the book as part of a curriculum?

See, I’m not exactly positive that the average reader goes to book signings. Am I wrong?

Do you like books signings? Do you go to them? Do you think the average reader goes to them?


Orchid said...

I've only been to one since I started blogging, but that's mainly because I always seemed to either miss the signings or they never came anywhere remotely near where I was at the time.
Intersting question, I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to say on it. ^_^

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Candace said...

I've wondered this myself. I didn't go before I started blogging but it was just because I hadn't thought of it and wasn't really aware when there were signings. I grew up in SD, and trust me, no big authors go there! But now I live next to Portland and LOTS of authors go there so I'm pretty lucky. I do talk to people at signings and I've gone to so many now that there are a lot of familiar faces. A lot of them go to almost every single signing. It's just their thing. They aren't book bloggers. One lady I see at a lot of them reads blogs but doesn't have one and she's big on going to signings too. So I think the average person doesn't go, but there are a few out there that are immersed in the book world enough that they go. They are addicting, so I understand!

Lori said...

Before I was blogging I had never gone to a event. That was mostly because I have nothing local. I have to drive 2 hours usually for any event. So my only way of finding out about these things was the internet, which I never took advantage of.
I think a lot of the people that go to events are readers that see the posters and advertisements at the bookstores. The rest are us crazy obsessed readers that drive 2 hours to them! :)

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Thanks for chiming in!

It does seem that the average reader doesn't normally attend, but maybe it's because they aren't aware of the events. Like Lori said, those that attend may generally be readers who happen across a flyer when they're shopping, but it's us crazy book bloggers, librarians, etc. who are willing to drive a crazy number of hours away to see authors.

I've done it more than once, but it's well worth it :-)

Bere said...

I've actually never been to an author signing/event and trust me it's not because I don't want to, I would love to. Since I don't drive it makes it hard to go anywhere let alone a book signing that's a little far from where I live. I hope to get my license this year though so I'm excited for that! I'm looking forward to attending an author signing soon =). Great post, Nikki!

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