Friday, April 22, 2011

Open Call for BEA Roomies!

I've decided to take the plunge and shell out for BEA this year. Coming along with me is Danielle from Frenzy of Noise. It's the first time for both of us and we are wicked excited.

The only problem: we have no place to stay. Actually, we have an apartment on hold right now in Brooklyn, but we'd love some more roommates to split the cost with. We're looking to spend $200-300 each (but would love to keep the number low!), so if you're interested in rooming with us, please email me at

If you already have a place for BEA, but you're looking for two more roommates, we'd love to work something out. You can email me at the same email address above. The apartment we have on hold is only ours until Tuesday, then it goes back up for grabs. 

So if you are looking for roommates, please, please, please email me!


Candace said...

Oh man! I WISH! That would be amazing! But instead I'll live vicariously through you so make sure you store all the details in your head so you can tell me everything!

Good luck finding more roomies!

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

I'll be at BEA for Thursday and Friday - hopefully we can meet! Don't forget business cards to pass out to everyone (publicists, authors, yada yada)...! vistaprint does it for cheap and fast. I had to order them quick last year for another event! If I don't meet you there, I hope you have a blast!! I'm so excited for the event!

Bere said...

How exciting that you get to go to BEA, Nikki! I hope you find your roomies soon.

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