Sunday, March 13, 2011

CSN Sony Digital Voice Recorder Review

I've had this Sony Digital Voice Recorder for a while now, so I feel like I can adequately review it.

The digital recorder arrived incredibly fast, as CSN products always do, and the price wasn't bad at all. The recorder is very compact and easy to take anywhere. I toss it in my purse or in a bag that goes with me.

I had wanted the recorder because I like to dabble in writing, but I get the majority of my ideas while I'm driving (I drive a lot) and I can't pull over every single time I'm on the highway to write them down. Instead, I just fish the recorder out of my bag and talk away. I tend to think/speak things how I'd like them written so the recorder has come in handy for me.

Compact & handy for all occasions
Automatically pauses during breaks
Holds a lot of recordings
Automatically organizes recordings into folders


I would recommend this recorder to anyone who ever has the need for one. It's great for writers (dabblers included), students, those who sit through long meetings with a lot of info, and everyone in between.

*CSN provided me with a $45 gift code and I paid the difference for this product. This review is my honest opinion

I also wanted to point out that my last CSN review, for a cat lounger, stated that my cats weren't really all that into it. I'm happy to report that that has changed. My Bella sleeps on the thing all the time. Whenever I come home, she is snoozing away on the lounger.


Bere said...

Great review, Nikki! How clever that you use it while driving! Keeps you safe while jotting down your ideas. Also I love the picture of your cat. So cute!

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