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Author(s) Interview: Lisa & Laura Roecker

Lisa and Laura Roecker are sisters-turned-writing-partners with a love of all things Young Adult. Some call it arrested development, but the sisters claim it keeps them young. Plus, its cheaper than Botox. Lisa and Laura live in Cleveland, Ohio in separate residences. Their husbands wouldn't agree to a duplex. THE LIAR SOCIETY is their first novel.
*Bio taken from Lisa and Laura's website
When did it hit you that you're both going to be published authors and other people will be able to walk into a bookstore and buy your book?
It started to feel real when we began sending the book out for blurbs. Authors we respect were reading the book and actually enjoying it! That and getting emails from young girls who read and loved it. It is seriously the best feeling in the world to get a positive response to your work from actual readers!
If you haven't seen it yet, The Liar Society was blurbed by 4 amazing authors.
What's the writing process like for two authors and one book? Do you edit and cut stuff without the others permission?
We switch off chapter by chapter. Lisa writes the first chapter, Laura edits and writes the following chapter and sends it back to Lisa to continue. When you own the document, you have free rein to change/add whatever you want--granted, the other person could change it back, but that's the whole fun of it! You never know who will have the last laugh...muwhahaha.
I'm picturing Lisa shish-kabobing Laura's half of the story, then Laura doing the same thing to Lisa's. All the while, they are both hunched over with evil grins on their faces and a lack of sleep messing with their heads. In other words: probably a normal day for either of the ladies :D
Is there anything you absolutely need while writing? (Drinks, snacks, music, photos of celebrities to mock, etc.)
Laura likes to make a cup of tea and eat something sweet. It has to be absolutely silent for her to concentrate so she does the bulk of her writing while her daughter is at school, during naptime or at night.

Lisa can only write in the nude. It sounds crazy but you should see the stuff she comes up with! Oh wait, you will! Kidding...kidding, but wouldn't that be crazy?! [Editorial Note from Lisa: This is what I get for letting Laura take first crack at interview questions. Now the entire blogosphere is picturing me naked at my laptop and for that I am very, very sorry.]
I'm not even going to add color commentary to this one. It's not even necessary at this point.
Did you create a playlist while writing THE LIAR SOCIETY?
A few songs of inspiration are Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals, That's Not My Name by the Ting Tings and They by Jem.
 Woot for Dashboard! And once again, That's Not My Name is stuck in my head.

If you could live in one book for a day, what would it be?
Anna and the French Kiss. Ahh, Paris!
I just bought this and MUST read it soon.
What was the last book you read?
Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. It releases in March and has Printz written all over it.
I foresee myself crying while reading this one.
What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?
Laura: Not sure if this is the craziest, but it definitely made me feel the most stupid. This happened shortly after moving from Baltimore to Cleveland. I had just finished making lunch for my daughter and was talking on the phone with Lisa at the time, of course. All of the sudden someone began BANGING on the windows next to my front door. When I peeked around the corner I saw a few guys and about freaked. Lisa told me to call the police, but I'm a baby and instead cowered in my pantry. Then I heard them say, "I see her in there!" and the like. On the verge of tears, a call beeped in on the other line. A man asked, "Is this Laura?" "Why, yes, yes it is." "I've got some guys outside your house trying to deliver a dishwasher." "Of course you do." When I answered the door I told them I was the babysitter and I wasn't sure if I should open the door.

Lisa: Ok, this is totally cheesy, but the craziest thing that has ever happened to me is THIS. I've been a voracious reader my entire life and I've always dreamed of writing books, but after a few failed attempts I figured that I just didn't have it in me. The fact that we've written a book together that's going to be published and read by people across the country, it kind of blows my mind. Friends and family always used to say to me, "You should be a writer!" and now I actually am. It's pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Laura: I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you.
Lisa: Aww
And the most important question last: What is your favorite kind of cookie?
Laura: Samoas
Lisa: Thin mints

Apparently, we're big supporters of Girl Scouts.
Way to support those Girl Scouts! I always find myself caving and buying some Tagalongs whenever they corner me.

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The Slowest Bookworm said...

LOL what a great fun interview. Loved the questions and the answers. Umm, apart from having to picture Lisa in the nude at her laptop lol.

BrittLit said...

Great interview, really showed how fun they are. I can't wait till my copy shows up!

Lisa and Laura said...

LOVE the accompanying pics! Thanks so much for having us :)

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I just recently finished The Liar Society, so it was awesome to see this post and get a little more insight! You should have seen my face when I read that Lisa could only right in the nude...that is, before they said they were joking! Lol.

Khadija said...

Great interview! I loved the cookie question :P I've heard great things about the liar society and the authors seem like so much fun :) Can't wait to read it!

BTW posted a new Debut author Incites, this ones with Kelly Keaton so be sure to stop by! http://blackfingernailedreviews.blogspot.com/

Khadija said...
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Khadija said...
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~The Book Pixie said...

As an ex-girl scout, I say thin mints are the best! Especially if you put them in the freezer! Between Shades of Gray is super high on my wishlist. Great interview! :D


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