Thursday, January 27, 2011

Think About It Thursday (10): No Name-Calling Week Edition

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With No Name-Calling Week coming to a close, I wanted to do a little something in honor of it. So, let's talk name-calling. Everyone has experienced and everyone has probably been the one doing the name-calling.

I created this vlog (it's my first ever) and I did something I don't normally do - I talk about myself. Name-calling is such a personal thing, so I figured I'd allow all of your to get to know me a little bit through that. If you'd rather not know anything about me, feel free to skip the video. I'll warn you, it's long. I'm a known rambler.

If you're skipping the video, I'll break it down a bit:
  • The Latte Rebellion is a book that starts with name-calling...I really connected with the story because I know what Asha goes through. I experienced similar feelings.
  • Name-calling happens all the time, everyday, to every single person. I was no exception
  • We need to do something to put a stop to the hateful words that are constantly thrown around
  • I loved The Latte Rebellion - Review will be up tomorrow
  • Check out my interview with Sarah Jamila Stevenson - author of The Latte Rebellion
  • I'll be giving my copy of the book away. Post should be up soon
If you'd like to share your story about name-calling, feel free. I'll read them all. If you're a teacher/librarian/anyone who deals with children, share how you deal with name-calling and how you put a stop to it.

No Name-Calling Week is all about helping to stop name-calling, so what can we do? What do you do? How do you deal with name-calling? How do you help others who experience name-calling?


Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Brilliant vlog, Nikki. Seriously, I loved it. I think that we, as a society, let name-calling become prevalent because it's easy for us to turn a blind eye (or deaf ear) to it if it doesn't involve us. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and actually do something about it, and a lot of people don't have it within them to do so.

I loved that the message of The Latte Rebellion was for us to hold firm to who we are and what we believe, to hold fast to our friendships, and above all else, to value the power of the spoken word.

I ramble, too ;)

Emily Marion Dawn M. said...

i used to get called a lot of names because of my red hair. I got called raggedy anne and carrot top and all kinds of stupid things that little kids throw around, but it really, really hurt. i appreciate that you are addressing this issue.

& i think your blog is really pretty (: <3

Tahleen said...

Nikki, thanks for posting this! It's nice to get to know the girl behind the blog every now and then. :)

I got teased a lot in school, but it was never for the way I looked. Occasionally for my curly, messy, unruly hair (as it was back then) but I wasn't ever really targeted.

I'm really glad you called attention to this week, and the problem. The Latte Rebellion sounds good too—I'll be entering your contest!

The Slowest Bookworm said...

Wow Nikki, that was very deep and very personal and you did a great job! Name calling and bullying is something I suffered every day throughout school and it hurt every time, but you are right. We have to do the closure thing and move on at some point.

Great vlog :)

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Melissa - We ramblers must stick together! Thanks for stopping by and watching the vlog. After I read the book, I felt like the least I could do was tie it into No Name-Calling Week.

Emily - Thank you! Kids can be so mean and I only hope that in time, they realize just how much little things can hurt. P.S. Red hair is fierce :D

Tahleen - I was debating on posting it, but figured why not? The contest will be up tomorrow and it will also include some Latte Rebellion goodies.

Bookworm - I am so sorry that you dealt with bullying and name-calling for such a long time. I hope you've been able to move past it now. My hope is that No Name-Calling Week picks up more and more exposure, so kids start to realize that they do not deserve it and that people don't think it's okay.

Bere said...

Wonderful vlog, Nikki! You're completely awesome! I think we can all relate to being victims of name-calling at one point of our lives. I'm sure I was bullied in school but not to an extreme. Like I've mentioned before I have three awesome brothers. Two of my brothers and I were born in California and we lived there until I was 5. My family then moved to Mexico. And a couple of years later we moved back to the US. So it's very safe to say that our English wasn't that great. My brothers were constantly bullied because of that and it drove me completely crazy for obvious reasons. I wanted to protect them, since they are my little brothers. I was constantly defending them from anyone. I remember one time when I was, I think, in 7th grade and some 8th grader had made my brother, Julian (he was in 3rd grade), cry on the school bus. I marched down to where the kid was and let him have it hehe. It makes me so sad that kids can be very mean sometimes and they don't realize how hurting their words can be. Wonderful post, Nikki! Thanks so much for sharing this with us =). As you can probably tell I'm a rambler too hehe!

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