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Legacy (Ganzfield, #3) by Kate Kaynak

Title: Legacy (Ganzfield, #3)
Author: Kate Kaynak
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Paperback, 278 pages
Date Published: January 28, 2011
Description (Taken from Goodreads)
Maddie has more problems than the average seventeen-year-old: 

A psychotic killer with superpowers wants her dead. 

A serious medical issue makes a "normal" life impossible for her. 

And she's about to be introduced to Trevor's grandparents. 

Guess which one freaks her out the most? The Ganzfield series continues in this third installment.
*Contains spoilers from Minder and Adversary (Books #1 & #2)*

Legacy picks up with Maddie just barely escaping the grasp of Isaiah and learning that her connection with Trevor runs much deeper than even they thought. The two are back at Ganzfield, minus several friends who lost their lives in the last battle, but with more new residents in their stead. Isaiah is still out there, still hunting down other G-positives, and the Ganzfield crew won’t stand for his murder. They devise a plan to draw Isaiah out once and for all, but nothing ever really goes according to plan and a few deaths are almost expected….but is a birth?

Kate Kaynak gets better with each book and I can easily say that Legacy is my favorite in the series thus far. It is a bit slower than the rapid craziness that was Adversary, but I enjoyed getting to know the characters more. Trevor’s family life is interesting and seeing how he fits into it really adds some depth to him. His grandfather Archer is so sweet and I love how he holds on to the idea that he may be more than just a regular guy.

The new characters that pop up around Ganzfield are fun to get to know as well. Maddie’s relationship with Rachel becomes more of a true friendship and I have to say her minder girl-talk with Ann cracked me up. As did many of Maddie’s jokes…New Jersey once again becomes a punch-line. But at the center of it are Maddie and Trevor. Their love story still holds strong in this one, but a little wrench gets thrown in. I can’t lie, I like a little tension, but the way they handle it all just makes me smile. Their love story is one that I can really get behind.

Legacy is on wild ride with new characters, unexpected twists, and that evil guy Isaiah still wreaking havoc. If you’re looking for some great character growth (along with some snarky Maddie) then Legacy aims to please. Be prepared though, it can be upsetting. A little death, a little anger, and a lot of me wanting to slap a few different girls for various reasons = great job, Kate! It’s a good thing Accused comes out this year because I really don’t want to wait that long for it.

Opening line: Trevor and I had wanted to wait until dark to steal the car, but that would’ve been too late. ~ pg. 1

Favorite lines: Where could we get a nun’s habit? I’d never enjoyed the voyeuristic aspect of telepathy – having a front-row seat to other people’s sex fantasies made my stomach clench. Most of the time, it was just…gross. Not to mention poorly lit, with bad acting and stilted dialogue. ~ pgs. 31-32
*This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it. 
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Thanks for reviewing, Nikki!

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