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Author Interview: W.C. Peever

W.C. Peever (aka Bill) is the author of the new fantasy series, The Jumper Chronicles. Bill was incredibly kind to take some time out to answer my questions and now I'm sharing them with all of you.

The world you’ve created in The Jumper Chronicles is complex and interesting. Where did the idea for Charlie’s story come from? 
I had been craving a story that captivated me as much as Harry Potter did, Percy Jackson was great, Young Master Foul was fun, Twilight was distracting, but nothing was quite there.  I wanted to bleed with the characters; fall in love as they fell in love, and cry with joy as my protagonists over came adversity and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  So I began to write my own story, I did not plan the book, I didn’t even know where I would go with it, instead each page that I wrote was a surprise.  It was the long way around to write a novel, as I cut just as much as I wrote during the editing process, but in the end I found myself in the middle of an adventure coming of age story.  And yes I have found a book that finally captivates me in every way.

If you were a student at Thornfield, what ability would you like to have?
Invisibility, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what people thought of you?  When I first read Tom Sawyer I was obsessed with the idea of finding out what people would think and feel if I died.  What a concept!  You could find out if the girl you liked, liked you back; sneak down Christmas morning and find out what Santa left you, the possibilities are endless!

Charlie’s mom tends to burn her bacon, do you do the same?
No but my mother did!  Ellen Burrows is a compilation of people in my life, but the cooking, or the burning in her case is defiantly my mother.

Norse mythology plays a role in the book, as does the legends of Merlin, King Arthur, Excalibur, etc. Did you have to do extensive research prior to writing?
Yes, I read every Norse Myth that I could get my hands on, as The Jumper Chronicles world is completely built upon this ancient oral history.  It took me three months of reading and sketching and then four more months of covering my room in pictures and post-its till I really understood the world that I was creating.  As I said it is deeply based on the 9 Kingdoms of Norse Mythology with one HUGE difference.  I asked myself what would those worlds look like if the Gods were exiled and they evolved on their own over 2000 years?  In book one, you get a glimpse of what this world is like, but that is it!  Book two introduces the world beyond the school (the only chapter that takes place in the school is the first chapter, after that…well let’s just say it gets very interesting). As for researching Merlin, Arthur and Excalibur, I did some dabbling, but my characters are so completely different from the original stories, that I did not dwell of that research.

Do you have a favorite character to write or a character who is easiest to write?

Professor Henry Grayson, Headmaster of Thornfield Academy.  He has been described to me by critics as the Dumbledore, and the Gandalf, and I agree with the basic character archetype.  He is the brave, slightly mad, sharp as a tack, brilliant, powerful, dichotomy that made both of these mentors so wonderful.  I wanted to give Charlie a mentor, and Grayson’s archetype is my favorite, and I hope yours as well.

If you were a Jumper and could also travel through time, where and when would you jump to? Why there and why that particular time period?
Sixth Grade, my past and warn me not to ask Ellen to the dance!  Oh the embarrassment, and humiliation still sticks with me today as one of the worst nights of my life!  It is amazing that we escape middle and high school with any sanity at all!

Is there anything you need while writing? (Music, snacks, drinks, etc.)
A hot beverage, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, the liquid does not matter as much as the fact that it needs to be hot!  I love watching the steam curl from the edges of the think ceramic mug, and when I am at a loss for words on the page, the relentless steam reminds inspires the words right out of me…read the book I am sure you will come across some obvious steam inspired writing!

Are there a set number of books planned for The Jumper Chronicles? Are you currently working on book #2? (Please say yes!!)
Book Two, is written and in the Publishers hands right now.  It will be called Path of the Templar, and will focus on the world outside of the castle, relationships (both plutonic and romantic), and I will introduce a new character to the mix, he will not be a fixture, but will definably pop in throughout the series.

Who are your favorite writers? Favorite books? Are there any new releases you’re particularly excited for?

I have two categories for books that I will share with you.
Books that I return too time and again, reading them over and over, because they are both comforting, safe, and wonderful.
The Hunger Games Book One; Harry Potter (all of them); The Hobbit; Homecoming (by Cynthia Voit); The Mortal Instruments (all three ---and yes I CAN NOT WAIT for book four!)

Then there are book that I just enjoy and read more than once: The Percy Jackson Series, The Lord of the Rings, The Dark is Rising series, and Artemis Foul. 

As you can see I am a Fantasy, YA, junkie!  But I think that YA novels are so much more entertaining, and imaginative than adult contemporary novels.  

I want to give a HUGE thanks to Bill for stopping by and answering all these questions. Make sure you check out book 1 in The Jumper Chronicles, Quest for Merlin's Map. It's truly a wonderful fantasy story that readers of all ages will enjoy.

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*I also want to point out Bill's ongoing contest for 11-18 year olds to get published. Check that out at the Jumper Chronicles website


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Ooooh he's got some awesome favourite books! I love how insightful all his answers are, too. Awesome interview, Nikki and Bill! :)

~The Book Pixie said...

Nice to see he incorporated aspects of people in his life into his characters! Love when auhors do that. :D Invisibility would rock. lol. Great interview girl and can't wait to read this series! :D


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