Friday, November 19, 2010

Thoughts on Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Let’s talk non-spoilery Deathly Hallows:

The movie was good. The acting was phenomenal and director David Yates is pretty much an awesome dude, but I wasn’t blown away. And I expected to be. I intentionally did not reread the book prior to seeing the move because I didn’t want to feel any disappointment at things that were left out, but I still felt it.

At times, I felt the movie was too sluggish (but I suppose the book is too) and not enough was being explained. Some little things that I was looking forward to seeing were left out and the climactic scene that I wanted, no, needed, to make me cry, did not. I was close, but the scene felt rushed to me and the tears did not come.

All that aside, the opening action scene is perfect. It’s funny and exciting and more than I had expected. The romantic tension between Ron and Hermione was done very well, though one scene was a bit odd (you’ll know when you see it because, uhh, really not how I had imagined that happening). The comedy breaks in at the precise and most necessary moments as well, which is good to lighten an otherwise very dark movie. The action scenes were also done well and the Malfoy Manor scene almost lived up to my expectations – there’s a certain death that did not occur that I’m none too pleased about because IT WAS IMPORTANT, at least to me. And the “Three Brothers” story was done in a kind of incredible way. Totally unexpected, but I really loved how it was shown.

So Deathly Hallows was not my favorite movie in the series, but I am seeing it again on Saturday and maybe I’ll enjoy it more when I’m wide awake. Who knows? For now, Half Blood Prince and/or Goblet of Fire remain my faves in the series.

Anyway, I have faith that part 2 will be filled with epicness and action and darkness and death (yes, more death) and an awesome Mrs. Weasley scene. I wish it was July already…

P.S. I adore Dobby like woah! Always have, always will. Same goes for Ron, the ginger that stole my heart. And Hermione, yeah, she was pretty much awesome in this one.


Melissa said...

I think OOTP is still my favourite movie of the series thus far with HBP in a close second. I thought Part 1 was really well done with great acting and visuals, but it was a wee bit sluggish at times. I think it cut off at the perfect time though, and I think it rang quite true to the book, which made me happy.

I, too, am going to see it wide awake tomorrow to see if my opinion differs haha Great thoughts, Nikki! :)

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

OOTP is such a great movie. I think I never say it's my favorite because I've just seen it too many times. My mom used to watch it every single day. No lie, she was obsessed and I think I just got tired of it.

But part 1 was really well done visually and acting-wise. And the cutoff point was perfect. I think there were just other aspects I would have liked to see. Harry's struggle over Horcrux vs. Hallows is pretty important, so I hope that is at least touched upon in the next one. I plan on rereading the book after I see the movie again, that way I'll remember all the best parts that the movie left out.

Bere said...

Awesome review on the movie, Nikki! I have not seen it yet but I am looking forward to doing so. I have actually not read the books but I do love the movies hehe. I know I should definitely try to read the books. I'm certain a bunch of details don't make in the big screen. Again, fantastic review. I can't wait to see it myself! =]

Pixie said...

I was just in awww, at how well Emma did. If the odd scene, is the open locket scene- then yeah, that was just weird and disturbing.

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