Sunday, October 10, 2010

Readathon Mini-Challenge Ban This Book!

 Midnight Book Girl is holding the Ban This Book! challenge for the read-a-thon. The object of this challenge is to find a reason(s) why a certain book would be banned. It can be as crazy as you want (and book banners are crazies), so here's my reason for Seth Baumgartner's Love Manifesto by Eric Luper:

Seth Baumgartner Love Manifesto is book that blatantly disregards the sanctity of marriage by thrusting the main character's father's infidelity to the forefront of both the pages and Seth's mind. When Seth isn't focused on the scantily-clad woman who oversexes herself to appeal to teenagers and men alike, he is perusing the lingerie magazines that lie about his best friend's living room. The said best friend, Dimitri, is a not only a womanizer, but he is the embodiment of an impure young man. When his allusions to masturbation aren't littering his every scene, he is discussing underage sex and Seth's need to have some. This book can only lead to the corruption of our young society and we must do all we can to insure that it does not fall into the hands of our children.

*In case you missed it, this is totally not how I feel, nor is this really what the book is about


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