Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Planning a Banned Books Week Giveaway and I Need Your Help

Banned Books Week is all about celebrating the freedom to read and not censoring books. That being said, I'm planning a multi-book pack giveaway for next week with an MG pack, a YA pack, and an adult pack.

I don't want to restrict who can win what, but do you think I should put an age restriction on the adult pack? I normally open all my contests to those 13+ and younger with a parent's permission and email, but I'm worried that if a younger person were to win the adult pack, I could catch some grief from a parent.

So what do you think? I haven't decided just what books will be in the pack, but age-wise is 13+ okay? Or should I move the age restriction up?

Any thoughts are more than helpful at this point.


Dahlia said...

I'm probably going to sound like a book banner for this, but I think the age limit should be 18+ for adult books. They weren't intended for anyone younger in the first place, and if they're banned/challenged, they really shouldn't be available to younger readers in a giveaway.

Lisa_Gibson said...

I kinda' agree with Dahlia. Mainly because you have a YA pack for the age group of 13-18 and the adult pack should go for adults then. Just my little two pennies.

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Thank you both! That was kind of my thinking as well, but I felt like that made me sound like a book banner as well. I may do a 16+ age restriction for the adult pack because they will most likely be book that are required reading in high school. I only have one book set up in the adult pack and I did read it in high school, so I think 16+ would work.

Melissa said...

I think that a 16+ age restriction would be good, Nikki, because I know we had to read a lot of these "banned" books in my high school...if they were required at that age, I think it should be ok :)

Twilighterr :] and Wolfgirl O-o said...

Hey...I think what you're doing is geat, and the age restriction should probably be 14 or 15 and up...If they're banned books, then kids under the age of 14 probably shouldn't read them. :)

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