Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Fangirl's Dream....or Meeting Suzanne Collins

When I found out Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games series, was coming to Boston, I knew I had to go. So on August 31st, I went to the Brookline library in Brookline, MA and my fangirly dreams came true. 

After a reading from Catching Fire and Mockingjay, the stamping commenced. The event details stated that only one book could be stamped per person and SC would not be able to pose for individual pictures. I’m happy to say that they didn’t adhere to either rule.

For whatever reason, I’m always incredibly dumbfounded and nervous when I meet an author. I tend to turn bright red from nervousness and I feel like I’m shaking inside. It’s kind of embarrassing. Anyway, here’s my initial interaction with Suzanne Collins:

Me: Hi
SC: Hi, how are you?
Me: Good thanks (I’m not entirely sure I actually said that. I may have just thought and it didn’t come out).
Now before I got up to the table, before I even left the house to go, I had been thinking about exactly what I would say when I met SC. I came up with this little gem…

Me (in all my fangirly glory): So the Hunger Games series is officially over. Real or not real?
SC (in all her incredible awesomeness): Real (I’m still holding onto the hope we’ll have some sort of spinoff in the future; maybe Haymitch or Finnick in their Hunger Games days)

Was the question a little cheesy? Absolutely. But I’m still happy I was able to verbalize something. I then went on to tell SC I would be at the other event in the evening to get another book stamped to give away on my blog. 

Picture time!
As I was leaving, someone who was with SC (I really wished I knew the names of the lovely ladies that were helping out/were with SC because they were so nice) came up to be to let me know that I could just get my book stamped right there instead of going later. Yay! Less driving for me.

So about 100 people later (only about 120 people came which surprised me) I was able to venture back up to the table after getting the other book from my car. The same kind woman who told me I could come back told me she had heard of or seen my blog, which really surprised me and made me all warm inside. I have mad love for my blog <3

SC stamped my other book and I asked her if Mockingjay was more difficult to write than the other two because it was a lot heavier. She said that she views them as a whole, so they flow into one another, not making one more difficult to write than the other.

Being around all of Suzanne’s awesomeness and incredible kindness for such a long time made me forget the rest of what she said because I then went on to give her a little gift I made, which I was going to give to her at the second signing since I had left it in my car.

Anyway, it was a box painted the color of the cover of MJ, with a clam and a pearl on it from CF and the mockingjay pin from THG as an ornament inside. It was my little thank you and SC seemed to love it. She said it will go on her Christmas tree and even wanted to give me hug, which I obviously accepted. Commence fangirl squeeing!!

I thanked her, she thanked me. I was definitely on a Suzanne Collins high at this point and I still am.

So, my time with Suzanne Collins was incredible! More than I ever imagined. She is so kind and had a smile for every single person that came up to her. If you ever have the chance to meet her, GO.

And for more info about the reading, like what Katniss’ accent sounds like and how you pronounce Panem, visit Kim Harrington’s blog. She was there as well, so she knows exactly what I’m talking about with this whole Suzanne Collins high thing…


Michelle said...

I'm green of envy /haha/. Seriously good for you ;)

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