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Twi-Tour Boston: Day 3, pt. 2 (Kellan Lutz)

I was able to attend the Official Twilight Convention in Boston, MA on July 16-18th. It's a weekend event with actors from the movies, Q&A's, photo-ops, and other fun stuff. Here's my recap..

DAY 3, part 2 (Splitting it into 2 parts because it's so long)
See part 1 with the Wolf Pack
*Click pictures to make them bigger

There was probably about 15 minutes in between the Wolf Pack Q&A and the Q&A for Kellan Lutz, so I quickly ran to the restroom (and brought my camera because you never know when you’ll run into someone in the lobby). As I came out of the bathroom and walked by the escalator from the restaurant, I saw this girl whip out her camera and I look up and see Kellan coming down, so got my camera ready. He walked by pretty quickly, but he slowed down in front of me, so I could get a picture of him (unfortunately not with him). I was giddy after that.

Kellan Lutz
This was the main event. Everyone was so excited for Kellan to come out. You could literally feel the excitement in the air. He was only there for one day, so he didn’t have any formal autograph signing, just a photo-op.
The gold and preferred patrons did get a pre-signed Emmett photo though. When he finally came out, it was to screams, camera flashes, and lots of people standing up screaming his name.
As usual, Kellan lives to please the ladies. He ran into the crowd and hugged a girl with a poster of him from the Calvin Klein ad. Then he went back on stage and proceeded to show off his Calvin’s (the craziness made my picture blurred, but you can still enjoy it).

The entire thing seemed to fly by and I can’t remember half of the questions, but here’s what I do remember.
-Kellan spoke about his charity that promotes pet adoption. He mentioned how he adopted his dog Kola from a shelter and he rescued his chihuaha Kevin off the streets.
-He doesn’t have a favorite line from the movies (though he did recite the line, “dating an older woman…hot”). He said there are too few Emmett lines to take any of them out
-He shared a funny story from when they were doing Twilight and he was out to dinner with the cast, Catherine Hardwicke, and Stephenie Meyer. He was talking about Emmett’s and Rosalie’s backstory and going into great detail about how he imagined them breaking down houses and just as he was getting to the big bang, Nikki Reed was kicking him under the table and shooting him daggers (as was Catherine Hardwicke) and he realized that he probably should not be saying something like that to Stephenie Meyer, the religious, Mormon mom.
-Thought he could talk to animals like Dr. Doolittle when he was younger because he was always being picked on by his brothers and he had no friends. The animals were his best friends. (Kellan truly adores animals and it really shows)
-A woman from England brought Kellan some gummy bears and asked him to strip for them. In the end, he allowed her to feed them to him and the crowd went crazy. He also threw some gummy bears out to the crowd.
-Is looking forward to Breaking Dawn and having more Emmett and Rosalie scenes but not to Bella kicking his ass in arm wrestling
-Showed the crowd this new trick/exercise that he discovered he could do. It involved taking off all his loose clothing and accessories, doing a handstand, then doing a pushup. All I saw were his feet since everyone was standing, but he was happy he was able to do it on his first attempt.

The crowd was absolutely insane for Kellan. He was so nice too. He wasn’t supposed to sign anything or take pictures, but he was doing both. All the guests sign these giant banners that hang on the sides of the big screens and as Kellan was trying to get to all 4 of them, he would stop and sign stuff, take photos, and say hi to fans. It was insane because tons of people were trying to get up to him.
I was able to say hi and show him my shirt that I wore to his Hot Topic signing last year. He remembered it and as they were trying to get him backstage, I asked him if he would sign it and he said yes. So, I was one of the lucky few to get him to sign (as in right there in front of you) something.

The line for Kellan’s photo-op was HUGE. I think nearly everyone there was getting a picture with him, so I chose to wait for a while and get something to eat. My mom (who went with me because she’s awesome) had to use the restroom and tried to go downstairs, but security wouldn’t let her because Kellan was in the men’s room. He finally came out and snuck through a hotel staff only door to get to his photo-op. When my mom and I made it upstairs to the restaurant, we were waiting to be seated and Kellan pops up out of nowhere through another hotel staff door. I waved to him, and here’s the beginning of my truly fangirly high, and he said ‘hey babe.’ I could have died then because that man is gorgeous and that nearly made my day. Then he asked me where my shirt was and I told him I put it in my car. He was then pushed along through another secret door. Due to my water chugging, the restroom called to me and I started walking to the upstairs one, when Kellan pops up again to go out a different secret door. I ran into him 3 times in two hours. It was kind of awesome. I did mention to his escorts that I was just running to the bathroom, which just happened to be in the same hallway as the secret door and one of the women from the Twilight Lexicon said it was all good and she knew I wasn’t trying to follow him.

Then came dinner and staring at the slowly dwindling photo-op line.

Photo-op with Kellan Lutz:
I was the 4th to last person in line for the photo-op and I wanted it that way. I figured if I was last, I might have more time to talk to Kellan and not get rushed along. These rude, grown women told me that they had permission to be last (way to be adults ladies). I didn’t make a big deal about it and just went in front of them. When I finally got up to Kellan, he grabbed a hold of me. The guy really squeezes you. I told him that I wanted him to remember my name for the next time I saw him. He stopped the guy from taking the picture, turned, was holding my shoulders, and said “Nikki. That’s easy enough.” We took our picture, I asked if he got the little gift I left with the Creation Entertainment people for him (it was a little Emmett ornament that I made) and he said he hadn’t looked at anything yet, but he would make sure he checked it out. I then hugged him goodbye and went to leave. I think they were rushing him along through the huge line, so not many people got hugs from him because I got a couple of not-so-nice looks on my way out. I was completely giddy and couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face after that. The photo-op took place so late in the day that they weren’t printing the pictures, but they’ll mail them, so I’m not sure how it turned out yet. I’ll try to post it when I get it though.

Kellan did in fact get the little ornament because he posted a thank you on his twitter about it. I forgot to put my twitter name in the note I left with it, but he just he put my actual name. I'm pretty happy about it and I really hope he comes back to Boston soon.


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