Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twi-Tour Boston: Day 3, pt. 1 (Wolf Pack)

I was able to attend the Official Twilight Convention in Boston, MA on July 16-18th. It's a weekend event with actors from the movies, Q&A's, photo-ops, and other fun stuff. Here's my recap..

DAY 3: (Splitting it into two posts because it's so long)

Wolf Pack (Kiowa, Bronson, BooBoo):
Kiowa & Bronson were a little late to the Q&A, but so were we, so it was all good
-The boys were having everyone snap their fingers instead of clapping.
-BooBoo prefers standing during the Q&A’s (he didn’t sit during any of the 3 he did)
-Bronson is hilarious. He has such a vibrant personality and he tries to make sure everyone is having fun
-Kiowa is much quieter than Bronson and BooBoo.
-Bronson drinks a lot of water. He went through 5 or 6 bottles while on stage, including drinking Kiowa’s half full bottle
-There were many similar questions as the ones asked during the previous Q&A’s
-Weird fan encounters include:
    BooBoo: An older woman doing a photo-op with him, then asking him if he wanted to make out
    Bronson: Was given granny panties with his face on them
-Kiowa hates it when people mispronounce his name (it’s like Iowa with a K in the beginning)
-There were a lot of ‘party trick’ demonstrations and just odd ‘can you do this’ things, including some weird arm tricks, tongue twisters, rub your belly and pat your head, and flipping your hands and making glasses. It was quite amusing to watch the boys do these random things.
-The first time BooBoo was recognized for Eclipse was at the airport. He said his hair was long and he thought it looked all messy and he couldn’t believe that would be everyone’s first impression of him
-The Hillywood Show announced that they only had time for one more question, but the boys didn’t care. The three of them went out into the audience and were answering some more questions. Kiowa stopped right next to me and I asked him to pose for a picture, which he did >>>>>>>

Photo-op with the Wolf Pack: 
The line was much shorter for the Wolf Pack because they had a photo-op the day before as well, so most people did it then. When I got up there, I was pleasantly surprised to see BooBoo with the pack as well because it only said that Chaske, Alex, Bronson, and Kiowa would be there. I loved standing in the middle of almost the entire wolf pack. I had asked if two of them would mind kneeling down and pretending to howl like wolves to make the photo that much more awesome and Ki was all for it. Bronson said he had a bum leg, so he didn’t do it as well, but I absolutely adore my photo. They were all so nice and thanked me for coming. Just a side note, Chaske (who plays Sam) has the most amazing voice. I could listen to him forever and Kiowa is truly a goofball, as is Bronson. Alex is gorgeous and BooBoo was a sweetheart.

Wolf Pack (Chaske Spencer & Alex Meraz):
I ran into both Alex and Chaske as they were going into the auditorium, but they were being rushed along, so I only got to say hello.
-Chaske spoke a little more about Be the Shift
-The first time the wolf pack was recognized was when they all went out to dinner together. There was a guy trying to inconspicuously snap their pictures while they ate, but they all saw him. When they went outside, they weren’t prepared for all the paparazzi, but Taylor was. Alex said he popped his collar on his jacket and looked amazing. He said the rest of them all had stupid facial expressions, but Taylor looked incredible.
-They both like bacon (another random question)
-Their perfect woman would cook and do dishes.
-Chaske’s favorite Disney princess is Cinderella and Alex’s is Pocahontas. He said he used to love that movie and knew the songs.
-If they were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, they would bring: 1 - an ipod (actually Apple would hook them up because Bill Gates’ daughter is a Twilight fan and they would have all ipod accessories including a battery that never dies); 2 – the entire cheerleading squad from the Dallas Cowboys (these cheerleaders would all be wearing backpacks full of food); 3 – Dave Chappelle to keep them entertained (Dave would also be wearing a huge backpack, but it would be full of water)
-Alex and Taylor would often try to one up each other on set

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~See part 2 with Kellan Lutz~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Autographs with the Wolf Pack:
The line moved pretty fast and I was still floating on my Kellan cloud 9 (see Day 3, pt. 2) when I got up to the pack.
They were all very nice and I told Chaske I had bought a water bottle from the Be The Shift booth that he had signed. I literally just missed him when I bought it and he told me he was only in there for about 10 minutes.
Alex was very kind and we were talking tattoos. He has a wedding band tattooed on his finger and he told me it hurt a lot. I showed him the tattoo I have on my leg and said my tattoo hurt too. He told me my tat was incredible, which I couldn’t agree with more. He also told me he has one on his foot that is his tribe’s symbol of the creation of life. It sounds intense and I wish I could have seen it.
Bronson was super nice and was all about personalizing everyone’s photos. He even drew a little wolf paw print on the pictures. I asked him about why he was limping and he said he fell when he was rollerblading.
Kiowa seemed all lonely on the end, but joked with him about how he was doodling on the tablecloth. I also thanked him for the photo-op and how he howled like a wolf. He said it was no problem at all and thanked me for coming.

The weekend came to an amazing close and after such an awesome experience (which was more than I expected) I think I’ll go again in the future.


Crystal said...

May I post part of your blog about the Boston Twi convention on my website, with a link back to your page for people to read the rest?

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Crystal - Feel free to post part of it on your site. I'm sure all the Alex fans will be happy to see the pictures.

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