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Twi-Tour Boston: Day 2 (Wolf Pack & Volturi)

I was able to attend the Official Twilight Convention in Boston, MA on July 16-18th. It's a weekend event with actors from the movies, Q&A's, photo-ops, and other fun stuff. Here's my recap..

DAY 2:

Unfortunately, due to no available parking in the garage, we missed Bronson Pelletier on stage. The day was kind of a blur and I didn’t write anything down until around 9PM, so I cannot remember much at this point.
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BooBoo Stewart:
-A lot like day 1 with some similar questions
-Says he likes to play the Wii, but his is broken right now.
-Favorite game on the Wii is Super Smash Brothers and his favorite character is Mario
-He acts like a 16 year old boy and does things that a 16 year old boy would do
-If he could shapeshift into any other animal, it would be some kind of bird
-BooBoo supports the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
-He enjoys working with his sister on music. The best part is that they aren’t always doing it together. One goes in and records, then the other. There really is no worst part for him.
-The scene in Breaking Dawn that he is most looking forward to, is when Leah and Seth leave the pack to join Jacob’s pack

The Volturi (Daniel Cudmore & Charlie Bewley)

These guys are absolutely hilarious. They had the entire audience rolling with laughter and they play off of each other so well.
-Someone asked Daniel if he ever wondered what it was like being 4 feet tall (instead of his 7ft) and he joked about how he didn’t come out of the womb as a 7ft tall man with facial hair. He then proceeded to walk around the stage, do a little baby cry, say he was hungry, etc. It was so funny. This kind of became a running joke.
-I asked what is the most menacing thing about their characters and an audience member joked that it was Felix’s hair. Charlie said it was the fact that they are all so powerful and so elite.
-Charlie talked about this food he enjoyed, but couldn’t remember what it was called. A fan said it was a loaf thing and then Daniel joked that it was just something someone would make when they had nothing else left in their pantry.
-When asked what would be their day job if they couldn’t act, Charlie said he would have to have a night job. He then discussed how he used to be a stripper pole salesman.
-Dan was asked to show some ballet moves and Hannah Hilly who plays Alice in the Hillywood Show came up on stage to teach him some moves. Dan did a little ballet move for everyone.
-At one point Charlie was laughing uncontrollably, but I can’t remember exactly why.
-Daniel couldn’t pick a favorite movie
-Charlie has quite the dirty mind
-Daniel said the weirdest thing that happened to him at a convention, was this grandma who kept grabbing his abs then his butt as she drank more and more. She kept coming up to him and he had to take off for the bathroom several times just to avoid her.
-Charlie had this strange fan encounter with a 15 year old boy with a camera. The kid was there whenever Charlie went anywhere. He went into the bathroom and used the stall (Mike Welch told him not to use the urinals anymore because guys would try to snap a picture of the goods) and when he came out, the 15 year old kid was there and told him to sign something and take a picture with him. Charlie told him it that he wasn’t supposed to do stuff like this and he was freaked out by the kid, but he signed for him anyway and then called to security.
-Daniel’s mom was a hippie and he wasn’t allowed to have sugar when he was younger, but he used to sneak Cap’n Crunch. He joked about how it cuts the roof your mouth, but you keep on eating it.
-Charlie doesn’t have a favorite cereal, but he likes porridge with egg whites and oats in it. (I didn’t know that people actually ate porridge, but whatever. BTW: the way he described it makes it sound disgusting)

Wolf Pack (Chaske, Alex, Kiowa)

Chaske and Alex were super nice seemed excited to be there. Kiowa didn’t seem as enthusiastic and was just kind of sitting off to the side, not speaking all that much. He is terrible at the Q&A’s, but seems like a fun, goofy guy otherwise.
-Their favorite movie to film was New Moon, though they said the movies blurred together.
-Kiowa would shapeshift into an American bald eagle
-Alex would shapeshift into a muskrat and Kiowa said he would eat him
-Chaske would shapeshift into a gerbil (he then started talking about the Kia commercial with the singing/dancing hamsters)
-Alex was a wild child and would climb trees
-Alex spoke about his love of painting. He used to watch Bob Ross on PBS and he decided he wanted to paint, so he cut his wild, curly hair, duct taped it to some sticks, melted some crayons, and painted.
-Chaske spoke a little about Be The Shift
-A question was asked about their biggest fears and Chaske and Alex said it was probably having to go back to doing what they had to do before New Moon and success. This means being a dishwasher and for Alex, that means working in a gay bar and having to convince people he is, in fact, not gay. Kiowa said his biggest fear would be dying when he still has stuff to do. Alex then turned this into a joke about having to water his plants.
-Chaske talked about how they would all work out on set and how they had this rowing machine and they kept track of the best times. Chaske and Rob would compete, but Rob didn’t realize it was a competition. Chaske would have the best time one day, then Rob the next. On the last day of filming, Chaske had the best time, but at the end of the day, Rob had done it and beat him. Kiowa and Alex were joking about how they were egging him on and how they couldn’t believe he let Rob beat him.

Photo-Op with The Volturi:
I was able to get a photo-op done with the Volturi and it was super quick, but fun. The line was huge, but the guys were so nice. I don’t love how the picture turned out, but I can live with it. Just so you can get some perspective, I’m 5’2” and I knew Daniel was tall, but boy is he tall. He’s like a giant compared to me. I made it up to Daniel’s chest and I didn’t even make it up to Charlie’s shoulders. See, I thought Charlie was short, or at least average height, but I’m pretty sure he’s nearly 6’ tall. He is a good head length taller than me and Daniel was even more so. Check out the picture to see for yourself.

Autograph with BooBoo:
BooBoo wasn’t doing any formal autograph sessions like everyone else, but he had a booth in the vendor’s room that he would hang out at and sign autographs. When I got there, I didn’t really know what to say to him. Throughout the weekend, he is always introduced as a hunk this or gorgeous that, but he reminds me of my brother, so I couldn’t really view him in a fangirly way. One thing is certain though, this kid is adorable. He is so sweet and insisted on giving me a hug. He loved the picture I had him sign because it is the Wolf pack promo from Eclipse, but a fan photoshopped Seth into it. He was so excited about it that he had to show his mom. I told him how much I loved Seth and thanked him for the autograph and he hugged me again. He’s really down to earth and just an adorable boy. *(Will post autographed picture with Day 3 Wolf Pack post)

Autographs with The Volturi:

So the autographs are done row by row, with the gold patrons getting theirs first. The Volturi signed for everyone today, while the Wolf Pack only signed for the gold patrons. Going row by row, it took about 2 hours for us to finally get up to Daniel and Charlie. It was so long, but they were very nice when we finally made it. I don’t really remember what I said. It was just some thanks and joking around about how I could actually see them now because they were sitting down and I didn’t have to look up. A fan had given Dan a box of Cap’n Crunch as a joke as well. Both Dan and Charlie were very nice (and very nice to look at) and I hope to meet them again in the future.

Coming Soon: Day 3 with some more Wolf Pack boys and Kellan Lutz!!


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