Thursday, July 22, 2010

Twi-Tour Boston: Day 1 (BooBoo Stewart & Julia Jones)

I was able to attend the Official Twilight Convention in Boston, MA on July 16-18th. It's a weekend event with actors from the movies, Q&A's, photo-ops, and other fun stuff. Here's my recap...
DAY 1:

We arrived a little later than planned, so we missed the Hillywood Show’s extended parody for New Moon, but we caught the end. With preferred seating, we were still in the third to last row (which was about 14 rows back), but we could still see fairly well. If I go again (not sure if I will just yet) I’ll definitely buy my tickets earlier so I can get closer. I didn’t write anything down and recording wasn’t allowed, so I’ll give a brief recap of what I remember.

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BooBoo Stewart:
He seemed a little shy on stage. I could tell he was excited, but a little nervous too.
-Wants to direct someday. Says he there are no other characters he’d like to be, but he would like to direct like David Slade
-When asked whether he is Team Edward of Team Jacob, he said his mom is the president of Team Seth
-Says he loves both acting and singing, but if forced to choose, he’d pick acting
-Was told by a fan that he should audition for Seth, so he did and he got the part
-Eclipse is his favorite book in the series
-In Breaking Dawn, he’s looking forward to seeing how the cannibaby (Renesmee) looks
-Favorite band is Boston, favorite color is green, doesn’t have a girlfriend (creepy 40 year old women were cheering…I was disturbed. The kid is only 16). I have a problem with the sexualization of a boy and it really bothered me that the older women were all into him. He's the same age as my brother and BooBoo happens to be the nickname my brother had as a baby, so when I see this kid, I think of him; so I'm more than a little bothered when grown women are hitting on him. Also, there was this old, fat guy with a BooBoo shirt on wearing monster claw slippers. He really freaked me out.
-Got into acting because his dad is a stunt coordinator. He started doing stunt work when he was 10. He did many of the stunts in Beowulf
-His favorite scene in Eclipse is when Seth kills Riley

Julia Jones:
This was her first time at a convention solo. She attended the LA convention, but had the whole wolf pack with her.
-Is originally from Boston. She talked about growing up in Jamaica Plain and all the things she misses, but also about how Boston doesn’t feel like home. Has relatives in Cape Cod and said that feels like home to her
-When asked Red Sox or Yankees, she said normally she would reply ‘no comment,’ but because she was in Boston, she could say Red Sox. She was then asked a question from someone from NY
-If she could play another character, it would be Rosalie
-When asked about Leah being an empowering female character, she seemed hesitant to agree, but went on to say that Leah is definitely strong and she doesn’t play by the rules of others.
-Had to cut her hair for Eclipse. One side was actually shorter than the other (I didn’t notice it in the movie, but I did in a photo later on)
-Said she is closest to Chaske Spencer (Sam)
-Alex Meraz (Paul) seems to enjoy torturing her on set
-In between scenes, the cast hang out and play games. When not filming, they hang out and walk around, go to the movies, go bowling, just normal stuff
-She hasn’t read any script for Breaking Dawn, but she is most looking forward to telling Bella off

Autograph Signing for Julia Jones:
The signing for Julia Jones wasn’t included with any package, so there weren’t too many people to get through. I was able to go right after this woman and her daughter who have gone to 12 Twilight conventions!! I have no idea how they have the time or money. The conventions are not cheap at all, so it amazes me that someone can go that many times. Anyway, the signings are not supposed to be rushed, but as I got up to Julia (and had no idea what I was going to say) I said thanks for coming and all that, then I pointed out how you could tell in my photo that her hair was shorter on one side. Julia was still talking to me about it and about how she didn’t want to cut her hair, but the person working there slid the next person’s picture over and I had to leave. I didn’t have to leave, but it was clear that they wanted her to move on to the next person. I was a little bummed by that, but Julia was more than kind and did seem a bit reserved. I’m sure it can be more than a little overwhelming to have all these people waiting for you and looking at you, so I understand.

Day 1 was a bit slow, but with only two celebrities, it is understandable.

Coming soon: Day 2 with Daniel Cudmore & Charlie Bewley of the Volturi and Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, and BooBoo Stewart (again) from the Wolf Pack


Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

Their is a Twilight convention? Well that's freakin cool, glad you had fun!

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

It's incredible!! I had a blast and can't wait to go again :D

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