Thursday, May 13, 2010

Think About It Thursday (6): Books in a Series

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Lets’s talk sequels…

I’ve noticed that it has become increasingly popular for YA novels to have sequels or be turned into a series. So many books have the open ending that just begs for a follow-up and even though I love a good series, sometimes it drives me crazy. I rarely find and read a book that ends with that last page. Most of the time, a sequel is already in the works or is announced soon after.

I do really love books in a series though. A series offers a lot in terms of character development and story arcs, but sometimes, I just wish I could read a story that is told just in that one book and doesn’t lead to this story of epic proportions. Turning what was planned as a standalone book into a series or even giving it a sequel sometimes feels like a ploy to make more money. I’m not saying it’s the authors either. I’m not against anyone here at all because there are so many book series that I enjoy and I often read a book and want more, but I hate what it does to my bank account.

So what’s the general feeling towards sequels and book series? Are you all for it, or do you have some mixed feelings? What are some standalone books that absolutely blew your mind? I know John Green and David Levithan tend to have some great books, but I need to branch out and discover some other authors who have some books that don’t fall into the category of a series.


Morgan said...

I actually really love sequels. Because if I love a book, then I want to continue on with the characters. This was a very great question!

Anna ♥ said...

I have mixed feelings towards sequels. Sometimes some books need to be continued into a series because one book can't tell the whole story. But when they stretch the plot too thin and start to drag, it can lead to me dropping the series. D:

At the moment I'm reading more standalone books than starting new series. I love the feeling of the book being complete at the end. No lingering questions or anything. :D Though in the end, it all depends on how well it's written and if there's more to tell. I love them both~ :P

Rheanna said...

I really love a series as long as I really love the characters and the author's writing style. And they have to be consistent because I can't stand when an author starts out great and then has books that just fall by the wayside in plot, and intrigue. But I will read just about anything as long as it captures my fancy! And I in general don't care if its a book from a series or not just as long as it has a good plot, intrigue, interesting characters and that little something extra that keeps me going and keeps me glued to the book!!

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

It's so important for the story to remain intriguing in series. Sometimes, I feel like it's overdone though and the author is grasping at strings of ideas and it just doesn't work. I do adore so many series though and I love the feeling of being glued to a book as Rheanna said.

Thanks for sharing everyone :D

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