Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break Reading Challenge - Activity #6

Activity 6 involves creating a book cover from a random verb and then creating a synopsis to go along with it.
 Smoulder by Margaret P. Schulze
Malcolm Bennet can't remember much from his past. The little thoughts and fleeting memories come during dreams that he quickly pushes away upon waking. Malcolm's past is too hard and too saddening for him to want to recall, so he pushes on. His senior year of college is coming to a close and Malcolm has no idea what he'll do. Four years at a university and Malcolm still feels like the lost little boy who barely remembers his own parents faces. On the day before graduation, Malcolm decides to venture to the barren strip of land that used to hold his home. The strange circumstances surrounding the fire and explosion that took Malcolm's parents have left the community stricken with fear and confusion. The houses is now gone, but the ashes still smoulder and Malcolm's past still lives under its blackened surface.


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