Friday, January 22, 2010

Zorgamazoo by Robert Paul Weston

Title: Zorgamazoo
Author: Robert Paul Weston
Publisher: Razorbill
Hardcover, 283 pages
Date Published: October 16, 2008

Description (Taken from Goodreads)
Are You a Believer in Fanciful Things? In Pirates and Dragons and Creatures and Kings? 

Then sit yourself down in a comfortable seat, with maybe some cocoa and something to eat, and I'll spin you the tale of Katrina Katrell, a girl full of courage (and daring, as well!), who down in the subway, under the ground, saw something fantastical roaming around . . .

What was it she saw? I'd rather not say. (Who's ever heard of a Zorgle, anyway?)

But if you are curious, clever and brave, if intrepid adventure is something you crave, then open this book and I'll leave it to you to uncover the secret of ZORGAMAZOO!

Join Morty the Zorgle and Katrina on a fantastically illustrated, you'll-wanna-read-every-word-aloud, sophisticated rhyming adventure for kids of all ages!
Morty is a zorgle. Katrina is a girl. Most people don’t realize that zorgles and other beasts actually exist, but when all of the zorgles from Zorgamazoo disappear, Morty is called upon to find them. He goes on this reluctant adventure and meets Katrina along the way. The two go on quite a journey and discover many different creatures, while also becoming great friends.

Zorgamazoo has to be one of the best children’s books I’ve read in a while. I read a good deal of it out loud to my friends (who are all over the age of 20), and they loved it. The entire story is composed in rhyme. It’s incredible that there are 283 pages full of rhymes, but also a story. Robert Paul Weston amazes me. I’ve never seen such a long story so well-crafted in rhyme. He is somehow able to move a story along, adding characters, development, and action; all while rhyming.

Zorgamazoo is probably one of the most easily enjoyable books I’ve read and I suggest teachers, younger students, and anyone who likes a good rhyme, go and read it. There's also some fantastic illustrations that readers will love.

Opening line: Here is a story that’s stranger than strange.

Favorite lines: Yet this gloomy deduction was only the start. She knew it was only the tiniest art; just a droplet of truth in an ocean of doubt, and soon, other questions were starting to sprout: questions of who, of why, and of how? These countryside zorgles–where were they now?


Kirthi said...

It's a strange title, but I like the ratings you gave it!

Chutzpah said...

This book sounds neato.

Rheanna said...

I like it. The book reminds me of a 2010 version of Dr. Seuss. And I like that it's not a limited age level, I so hate when books are categorized. Hey I may be 22 but I still love me some rhymes.

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

I'm usually not into verse novels but I love the excerpts you posted! I would definitely read this! So much fun! Thanks!

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

This is honestly such a cute, fun read. If you know any younger children or you volunteer to read to children then you should definitely look this one up. It was so fun to read, especially aloud.

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