Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge - Activity #15

Holiday Break Reading Challenge

For Activity #15, Karin asked us to reflect on the past year by answering these questions.

1.  What was your favorite aspect of your blog in 2009?
That I started it to begin with. I was a bit reluctant to get into blogging because I wasn't sure if I would be able to devote myself to it enough, but I'm very happy that I did.

2.  Was there a particular featured/weekly post you participated in that you enjoyed and plan to continue in 2010?
I try to do Music Mondays every week. I love music, so I really enjoy doing it. I also try to do Teaser Tuesdays every week.

3.  Is there anything you don't like about your blog that you want to fix? (design, posts, followers, blog host, etc.)
I feel like my blog is too bare. I like the design and everything, but I always feel like there should be more in my sidebars.

4.  Is there a blog you visit that you admire and aspire to emulate?  
There are so many blogs that I visit and admire, but I don't necessarily want to emulate any of them. I think the best thing about all the book bloggers is that everyone is so unique. Each blog has something different and special about it and I love that.

GOALS (You fill in the blanks)
1. Read & review more books!

2. Get more organized & improve blog

3. Visit and comment more on other blogs


karinlibrarian said...

Good luck with your goals. You know, just about everyone said they wanted to read more books. Ha! We are never satisfied.

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