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Gossip Girl #3: All I Want is Everything by Cecily von Ziegesar

Title: Gossip Girl (#3): All I Want is Everything
Author:  Cecily von Ziegesar
Publisher: Little, Brown
Paperback, 215 pages
Date Published: May 7, 2003

Description (Taken from Goodreads)
S and B and J and N are back, along with A, D, V, and assorted other rich, catty Manhattan teenagers in this third installment of the Gossip Girl series. An omniscient and anonymous narrator keeps track of the scene in (now an actual site), where the rumors fly, backs are stabbed, and celebrity sightings are dutifully reported. Serena (S) and Blair (B) are best friends again, shoring each other up as Blair faces life without her ex, Nate, who has hooked up with a sweet, busty 14-year-old, and Serena fends off advances from drop-dead-gorgeous rock star, Flow. Life's rough. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Dan play the will-he/won't-he game of sex, and Aaron tries to thwart his own crush on new stepsister Blair.
They're the teens you love to hate, and yet it's not all trash. Beneath the designer name-obsessed veneer and the nasty soap opera quality of Gossip Girl novels, there's plenty that's true and real for any teenager. Angst, creative passion, love, college applications, drinking, smoking, sex…sure, these kids are obnoxious and spoiled, but their core issues are not a million miles away from every other teen's. And you know you love it. (Ages 14 and older) --Emilie Coulter
With midterms approaching and Christmas just around the corner, the Upper East Side is full of stressful rich kids in their expensive coats and stylish hats and scarves. Jenny got the boy and Nate’s not really sure if that’s a good thing. Dan and Vanessa are living the blissful life, or are they? Blair is freaking out over her disastrous Yale interview and the possibility that she may not make it into the only school she ever wanted to attend, but at least she has Serena again. The besties reconciled and plan on partying their Christmas vacation away in St. Bart’s on a French beach. Problem is, Serena can’t seem to ditch the rich and famous and Blair may have a few admirers that she never wanted to begin with. The alcohol is flowing during the holiday season and the romantic entanglements of Manhattan’s elite are sure to rile Gossip Girl (and everyone else) up more than enough for one vacation.

This installment in the Gossip Girl series is much like the first two. There are more than a few humorous scenarios with some less than stellar morals on the parts of the characters. Nate’s constant toking up gets old very quickly and I honestly cannot stand his character. I like Jenny even less. I never liked Jenny in the show, but I like her even less in the books. Serena still seems to draw me in and I find her the most enjoyable character. Her interactions with Blair are the strongest part of this book. The girls are so comfortable around each other and they just come off as being best friends. Their interactions and dialogue is perfect. As for Chuck, he’s still nearly nonexistent and Dan has become quite the bore. I like Aaron, Blair’s stepbrother, though. He sounds like my type of guy, minus the fact that he has the hots for his stepsister.

I enjoyed the first two Gossip Girl books and this one was very similar, but I think I can only take so much meaningless partying and drama. The story doesn’t seem to have any real forward progress because the only characters that really have goals are Blair and Vanessa. The books are fun to just read, but I’m getting tired of them. I’ll be reading the fourth one and that’s probably it.

Opening line: Christmastime in New York City really is magical, especially uptown.

Favorite line: You are my Frankenstein.


Lea said...

I finally gave up on this series after a few more books past this one. Once the ghostwriter took over, I said screw it because it just sucked.

I think Serena is by far the most likable character (I did really love Aaron too!).

Great honest review!

Gregory @ Teens Read and Write said...

I've never read these or watched the show. After your review, can't say I'm worried about missing much.

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