Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Beautiful Creatures Release Day and Movie Announcement

So for those of you living under a rock, Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl was officially released today.
Not only did BC come out today, but word is that the book has already been picked up for a movie adaptation.
Check out the some articles hereherehere.

In celebration of this awesomeness, I thought I would create a potential cast list. This is just a list of actors who I think could portray certain characters.
I don't really know who could play Ethan Wate. I initially thought Matt Prokop, but then decided he would be a better Link, though I still like him as Ethan. 

Soren Fulton looks something like how I imagined Ethan would look, especially in this picture. I've never seen him act, so I can't really judge in that area, but on looks alone, I think this guy could do it.

Emily Browning as Lena Duchannes

Matt Prokop as Link

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Macon Ravenwood (He has to have grey in the beard though)
Kate Beckinsale as Sarafine

Amber Heard as Ridley
Nico Tortorella as Larkin
I was looking for someone for Amma, but was unsuccessful. I know how I picture her, but I couldn't find an actress to match.

So who is in your dream cast for a Beautiful Creatures movie? Let me know in the comments


Jessica (BookLover) said...

I ♥ Kate Beckinsale!

I haven't had a chance to read this book yet so I'm completely at a loss for words as to who should play who. I'll have to get on the ball already!

What does Soren Fulton come out in?

Nikki (A Haunt of Ancient Peace) said...

I've never seen him in anything, but I came across him on IMDB and he just looked the part to me.

He's done guest appearances on Bones, Life, and Private Practice. He was also in a movie called Fragments which has a whole bunch of people in it, including Kate Beckinsale, Dakota Fanning, and Forest Whitaker.

I don't know if he's doing anything in the near future, but I'll be on the lookout.

Lori(Pure Imagination) said...

That's awesome news!! And I love your cast! They are all prefect!

Anonymous said...

Your cast list is absolutely amazing! :) my favorite character is larkin...although he is kind of evil haha

Anonymous said...

I think Malese Jow would make an awesome Lena Duchannes. She was recently on vampire diaries as Anna. Check out her pics at IMDB

Dijah said...

I fucking love your choices!!! i love Lena she is exact imma post your choices up on another to gain insight on what people should look for because... damn man i love Macon!!!You know..Reece should be that girl from the witchmountain movie because i see her as that with the silk long blonde hair. The Father should be Kevin Spacey hehe

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