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The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

Title: The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Author: Mary E. Pearson
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.
Hardcover, 265 pages
Date Published: April 29, 2008

Description (Taken from Goodreads)
Who is Jenna Fox?

Seventeen-year-old Jenna has been told that is her name. She has just awoken from a year-long coma, and she's still recovering from the terrible accident that caused it. Her parents show her home movies of her life, her memories, but she has no recollection. Is she really the same girl she sees on the screen?

Little by little, Jenna begins to remember. Along with the memories come questions—questions no one wants to answer for her. What really happened after the accident?

In this fascinating novel, acclaimed author Mary E. Pearson presents an unforgettable look at one human life and a glimpse into a possible future that may be closer than we think.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox was so different from what I expected. It’s the story of a seventeen year old girl named Jenna Fox. Jenna has been in a coma for the past year and when she wakes up, she remembers nearly nothing. All her memories about history and facts are there, but she doesn’t remember herself, her family, her friends, or anything personal. What follows is Jenna’s search for herself and what truly makes a person a person.

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this book for the first 40 pages or so, but once I got to know Jenna a little more, I was completely engrossed. The story really makes the reader question the ethics surrounding life and death and how far is too far. The characters are developed nicely and even though you only truly get to know Jenna, you know enough about everyone else for the story to work perfectly. The medical aspect of it is quite interesting and almost terrifying when I really thought about it.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox is a heavy read. It was gripping and intensely emotional. After those first 40 pages or so, it was more than difficult to put the book down. Mary E. Pearson's writing style is very unique and I found it almost poetic at times. Here, she presents a haunting take on the devotion of a family to their only daughter. Jenna’s need to find herself will take the reader on a journey about identity, family, and the choices we make.


Book Snob said...

The books sounds different and really interesting. Great review!

Melissa said...

What a great review! I've heard so many amazing things about this book...I'll definitely have to read this!

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

Definitely sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the review!

Nikki (A Haunt of Ancient Peace) said...

It was one of the more interesting books I've read, plot-wise. Very original and I didn't really expect it from the synopsis.

I hope everyone gets a chance to read it :D

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