Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

I've been a huge Twilight fan for a while now. I've already blogged about my (unhealthy) obsession with the series and I had to see New Moon during the opening weekend. Last year, I went the night the movie opened and I was surrounding by screaming girls that didn't even allow me t hear the movie, so this year I went the day after the movie came out for a matinee show. No screaming girls=much better experience.

I went into New Moon a little wary because I hated Twilight. I was more than pleasantly surprised to be completely captivated and in love with the movie. Not only did I enjoy New Moon, but I thought it was absolutely fantastic. It maintained the integrity of the book, while changing some things for the better. The acting stepped up so much and Kristen Stewart completely blew me away. She conveyed all the pain and heartbreak that Bella goes through in New Moon and you could just feel how hollow and alone she was. Taylor Lautner really delivered in the film as well. I was 100% behind him returning as Jacob and I’m so glad he did.

Prior to seeing New Moon, I was more on the fence about the whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob thing. Jacob had always been my favorite character, but I never really cared who Bella wound up with. After seeing the movie, I can’t help but want Jacob to be happy and if he wants Bella, then I want him with Bella. New Moon made me love Jacob even more than I did before and I didn’t think that was possible. 

That being said, I did enjoy Edward’s scenes as well. I think that having read the books and liking Jacob from the start and then seeing Taylor portray him in such a heartbreakingly beautiful way, that I couldn’t help but love him as a character a little more. Edward also brings a good deal of angst, so all the Team Edward fans won’t be disappointed.

Everything about New Moon blew me away. The acting was phenomenal compared to Twilight, the wolf pack looked great, the music was absolutely perfectly placed, and there was humor. Many people who dislike New Moon as a book, say so because Bella is so depressed and the book is too serious and Jacob-centric, but Chris Weitz did a wonderful job combining the introspectiveness of New Moon and introducing Jacob and Bella’s relationship, as well as lightening the mood a bit with some well placed humor and action.

New Moon far exceeded my expectations and even if you didn’t enjoy Twilight (I didn’t either), you need to give New Moon a chance.

* On a side note, there weren't any screaming girls either time I saw the movie, but in the first scene that has Jacob taking his shirt off, a little girl yelled out 'thank you.' It was sort of awesome. She had the entire theater laughing.


Lori(Pure Imagination) said...

I totally agree with everything you said! I have decided that I'm team Jacob for the movies but Team Edward for the books :) Taylor is so perfect as Jake! I'm going to see it for the 4th time tomorrow!

Nikki (A Haunt of Ancient Peace) said...

I can't help but want to see it again and again. It was THAT good. I'm going for the 3rd time tonight.

Carmen said...

Hey Nikki!

Carmen from the BC website here ;) Told you I'd keep an eye on your blog, right? ^^

I'm a HUGE Twilight fan too (just can't help myself somehow xD) and I've seen New Moon 3 times by now and will prob see it again on Saturday and definitely the 12th of December too (meeting up with friends). If I was rich and had time, I might go more ^^ *ahum* whahaha. First time I saw it was during the midnight screening on Wednesday the 18th November. First Twilight, then New Moon, I was in heaven whaha. Yes, lots of fangirls, lots of squeeing, but no crazy things happened and everyone was very quiet during the movie! I guess the craziness hasn't hit that hard yet, tho 6 theatre movies were sold out at my cinema for the 'Twilight Night'. And last year when Twilight hit the screen over here in Belgium, the day of release only 1 theatre played the movie and barely 20 people or so were watching it... So yeah, the craziness did kinda hit I guess haha.

Anyway, I'm more of an Edward girl, but I'm not Team Edward, I'm more like Team Switzerland, because I like Jacob too. And after seeing New Moon, I'm seriously loving him ^^ haha. Can't help it he's a cute boy in a grow man's body, now who can NOT love that, right? *lol* It's so wrong tho, he is like 17, I feel such a perv whaha.

*lol* @ the little girl when Jacob took his shirt off for the first time. Seriously the reactions on that scene are awesome, everytime I hear gasping in the movie theatre, it's so funny, Jacob causes quite the uproar haha.

Okay, I'm invading your blog... I'll leave you to it now whaha. Just had to share...

One last thing tho, I finally received my HC copy of Beautiful Creatures today *YAY* Of course I started reading it like a few hours ago and am now upto page 194, me is now going to finish a bit more and then get some sleep. Maybe we'll talk again some time :) Bookmarking your site!

Take care x

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