Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hi, My Name is Nikki and I'm a (Twilight) Addict - Part 1

Twilight has taken over the world this past year and I was definitely affected by it. This is my story...
Sorry if you're a Twilight hater and for this being so long

For the past year and a half I have had an increasing obsession with Twilight. I don't really know why I'm so drawn to the book series that has now skyrocketed in popularity with the movies, but I am. I picked up the first book about 2 years ago and read through to Eclipse while desperately awaiting the release of Breaking Dawn.

When I heard that they were making the series into movies, I was ecstatic. At that point I didn't realize just how popular the series was and I never even knew about the extensive online fan community. I was confused at the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen because the picture that was posted on Stephenie Meyer's website didn't resemble my Edward at all. I settled for it though. I didn't freak and join in on the RPattz hate, nor did I sign any petitions.

In August '08, I drove 4 hours to NYC to go to the Breaking Dawn Concert Series. I realized that it was a bit of an extreme move on my part, but I did it anyway. It was fun...kind of anticlimactic, but fun all the same. I loved the music that was played, but the little girls everywhere sort of got on my nerves. (This was the first sign that maybe this Twilight phenomena wasn't for me)

The books started my obsession, but the knowledge of future films is what really fed it. I began following the development of the film and enjoying the mass amounts of photos that were released. Robert Pattinson pleasantly surprised me by looking so much better than he did in the press photo on SMeyer's website and I thought the rest of the cast was gorgeous.

I think it was the gorgeousness that drove my obsession to new heights. See, I have an obsessive personality as it is. I know this and I accept it, but I see no way of correcting it. I just ride out my obsessive waves until something new comes along for me to love.

As I anxiously awaited the release of Twilight, I looked into the incredible amounts of fansites throughout the web. Seeing how some other people reacted towards the series made me feel less pathetic and even less obsessed. All the same, in November, I slept outside a mall in the cold with two of my friends to meet Robert Pattinson. And it was a blast. I kid you not. I had fun in the cold for seven hours on hard concrete. I didn't really talk to too many other people because I found them a little crazy (so says the girl who drove an hour to hang outside for 7 more hours), but just hanging out with my friends was fun. The next day when the signing actually took place, I felt incredibly stupid though.

It was rainy outside and the hundreds of girls freaking out was freaking me out. I kept going on and on about how stupid it was for us to wait 7 hours to meet some random guy from a movie...then we were standing outside the store. In the moments leading up to meeting Robert Pattinson I went complete fangirl. My heart was beating fast and I was getting all clammy. I was incredibly nervous for no reason. When I finally went up to him I felt like every other girl who I had made fun of. He was gorgeous and he had an accent. What more could a girl ask for? We shared a brief 20 second  conversation about poetry before I was pushed away, but I loved it.

Once outside the store, I was still all fangirly. I was squeeing in the mall with hundreds of other people and I wasn't embarrassed about it at all. The Q&A after brought me back down to earth and I was once again my sarcastic self making fun of everyone else. I legitimately wanted to hear what the guy had to say, but all I could discern were screams. It pissed me off. (Once again, I didn't really fit well with everyone else)

In the meantime, I had picked up a flier from the floor that showed Edi Gathegi and the beautifully buff Kellan Lutz. The man playing Emmett Cullen was going to be in Boston on the night the movie opened (the vampire Laurent was going to be there too) and he was going to introduce the film at one of the theaters. My fangirl kicked in full force and my friend Jackie got her boyfriend on the phone to buy us our tickets. He did...and we went.

On November 20th, I went to see Twilight. But I didn't just see it, I saw it with two of the stars introducing the film. Kellan and Edi were doing some interviews outside the theater, but once they were done I asked if they would sign some pictures for us (we came very prepared). They were both incredibly kind and did so willingly. We talked to both the actors for a few minutes and I managed to get pictures with both of them(Edi's came out terribly), so it was an awesome night. Kellan hugged me before we went back to our seats so I was on cloud nine. Once we were in the theater and the movie was about to start (my fangirl was kicking in big time). Kellan and Edi came in to a huge amount of screams. Kellan randomly sang happy birthday to some girl and they gave away some prizes. We were in the last row in the first section, so the guys were right behind us. Kellan was close by and, in my obsessive ways, I discovered he loves candy, so I tapped him on the shoulder to give him a box of something. He thanked me, hugged me, and said he loved me. My obsessive fangirl died right then. I'm pretty sure my friends had to revive her. Then, the movie began...

*Stay tuned for the conclusion to my looooong story about addictions* There's quite a twist to it


Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

What a great post. I read all of them up quickly before any movie news or casting.
I had my own versions of the characters, one that included, in my opinion, a very annoying Bella.

Robert P grew on me. He is quite gorgeous and moody and aloof and all the crap passive aggressive teenage girls love! and I guess a 34 year old married woman with a child!

Anyhoo, I'm hooked too and I would probably go a little fangirl crazy if I actually ahd time to get out of the house. :) (sick kid)

Nikkayme said...

(sick kid) is adorable :D

I love the Twilight series and I can't even find a good reason why. My escapades are kind of crazy, but it's fun. I have no idea how I manage to find the time to do it all though. I'm a nursing student and school keeps me pretty busy, yet I somehow make time for Twilight.

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